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at the same time and it can get more broad
if you want to add functions. You might
want to add an e-commerce website or a
mobile app. It's fully integrated. Everything
is pre-installed and then we activate those
modules based on customer requirements
and what they want to buy. "
Baugher said flexible software systems
like the Pentagon 2000SQL are becoming increasingly important as companies
" The aviation and defense industries
incorporate businesses from an array of
different market sectors. At a high level,
there are aircraft operators, MROs, distributors and manufacturers. But as the
industries have matured over the years,
some companies have diversified while others have specialized. Aircraft operators are
typically very diverse and will also provide
MRO services, manage vast supply chains
and fabricate parts for their own consumption. Specialty companies have emerged to
perform teardown, repair management and
parts trading. As more hybrid companies
emerge with innovative business models,
the need for powerful and flexible software
systems to support the business continues
to rise, " Baugher said.
" Distributors, brokers and parts traders utilize the materials management and
supply chain logistics features of the system, " Baugher continued. " MROs utilize

those same features in addition to work
order capabilities. And operators are able
to utilize the broadest set of capabilities to
support a fleet by tracking flight operations
by tail number and recording changes to
the aircraft based on both flight hours as
well as maintenance activities. Planning
can be performed to forecast maintenance
before it becomes due and allow operators
to procure parts in advance and schedule
mechanics and other resources. "
Pentagon 2000SQL software is a webenabled product, so users can access the
platform remotely, an important aspect in
the COVID-19 era. The system has mobile
apps that can run on tablets and smartphones. " The system features real-time
access to customer data from Windows
workstations, web browsers and mobile
app interfaces, " Baugher said.
This flexibility also allows non-remote
employees to move from place to place
throughout their workday. " As an example,
a user may start their day at their desk in
front of their Windows computer and start
a transaction or process, and then grab an
iPad and go out onto the shop floor or tarmac to manage some operational issues,
and then later when traveling or at home
can connect by browser to review progress
or finalize a transaction, " Baugher said.
Companies that are still using an outdated legacy system should consider switching

to Pentagon2000SQL, Baugher said. Many
start-up companies and small businesses
use the Pentagon2000SQL from their inception, but some mid-sized companies move
to the software, " to replace legacy systems
that are built upon outdated technologies that have outlived their usefulness, "
Baugher said.
" Enterprise software systems are the
lifeblood of many organizations, " Baugher
added. " Nothing can be purchased or sold
without them. They control the revenue
stream of the company, they ensure quality and regulatory compliance and they are
the basis for all customer service. Now more
than ever, investments in advanced modern and secure industry-specific enterprise
software system can provide a competitive
advantage for companies and ensure their
success in the global aerospace and defense
industries. "

Integrated with Quantum-ERP, MobileTech
brings the power and functionality of Shop
Control and Aircraft Services into the palm
of your hand. Designed with freedom and
simplicity in mind, MobileTech provides the
functionality for users to efficiently complete
their jobs whether from across the shop or
hangar - or across the globe.



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