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It's always been the plan to move out of
our two-bedroom condo after five years.
Good thing, too, as the walls are closing
in on us with toys. My son has grandparents who like to spoil their only grandchild and we are living in what seems to
be an FAO Schwartz these days.

Our little guy is very active and loves to spend hours
outside exploring, riding his bike and splashing around
By Jennifer Wilberschied, in his pool - we need a yard pronto. So, now that it is
time to start looking, we have been taking a close look
at our finances. We have been saving for five years, but
now that we are actually ready, it feels as though we could have tried harder. Part
of that challenge is taking a look at all of the unnecessary spending. Unfortunately
for me, 99% of that superfluous spending comes from me, not my super-couponing,
deal-getting, freebie fiend of a husband.
I spend a lot of time at Target. I find myself aimlessly perusing the aisles three
or so times a week. I will go in for milk and end up with a $100 total. I always seem
to find things I " need " or " have to have. "
Additionaly, I am a Starbucks snob. My daily chai tea latte habit of $5+ a day
costs me more than $2,000 a year, double that if I get a breakfast sandwich, which
is the case more times than not. So, say $3,000 a year at Starbucks. Over the past
five years, I could have saved $15,000 or even more!
I often go out to lunch, too. And in the suburbs of Chicago, you can't even get
fast food for less than $10. Say I go out four times a week. Over a five-year period
that totals to about $10,000! So, if I would have just gone without my chai or lunch
for five years I could have saved more than $25,000. Yikes - that hurts.
Since reevaluating my spending, I now ask myself " do I really need this? " and
" is there a cheaper option? " I have traded in some of those chai tea lattes for a hot
tea at home and some of those lunches out for leftovers or a cheap way to eat - a
peanut butter sandwich.
Now that we are well on our way to COVID-19, year two, airlines are focused
on cash management and MRO planning is getting strict. One company who is
helping customers reach their maintenance goals while also being smart spenders,
is MTU Aero Engines.
Martin Friis-Petersen, SVP, MRO programs, MTU Aero Engines, says the company is supporting its customers and partners with scenarios and engine MRO
strategies to maximize the use of existing assets, but also to avoid unnecessary
spending. (Sounds like a strategy I need to adopt, as well.)
" During such an uncertain market environment, airline fleet planning must
be built on accurate and timely recommendations as to the most economic MRO
strategy for their fleet, " he explains in our exclusive MRO profile feature this month.
See what else MTU Aero Engines is doing to help customers during this uncertain
time, starting on page 30.


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