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AAR Named to Forbes 'America's Best
Midsize Employers' for Third Time
AAR has been named to Forbes' list of " America's Best
Midsize Employers " for 2021. This is the third time
that AAR has earned this honor, which is based on an
independent survey conducted by Statista polling over
38,000 U.S. employees.
" We are very proud to
have once again been
named by Forbes as one America's Best Midsize
Employers. This honor means even more to us this
year given the current challenges the aviation industry
is facing, " said John M. Holmes, AAR president & CEO.
" Our amazing team has made many sacrifices this
past year and thanks to their efforts, our company
has never been in a stronger position. " According to
Forbes, the companies on this year´s list of America's
Best Midsize Employers had to navigate countless
challenges and have risen to the occasion, adapting
in ways that benefit both their customers and employees. Participants were consulted anonymously though
online panels, allowing for open, honest discussion and
feedback. Participants were first asked to rate their
willingness to recommend their employer to friends
and family and were then prompted to evaluate other
employers in their respective industries.

Berry Aviation Announces Expansion into
Autonomous and Unmanned Aviation
Berry Aviation Inc., announced the opening of a new Autonomous and Unmanned
Aviation Division located in Stillwater, OK.
The research facility conducts Unmanned
Aerial Systems (UAS) research supporting the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD)
in specialized navigation, propulsion and
acoustic improvements. The new group has
a strong demand signal from several customers and recently added
additional engineers to support its UAS and Counter UAS activities.
" This new business line merges research, engineering and integrations
expertise into Berry's more traditional aviation portfolio, " said Sean
Iverson, COO, Berry Aviation. " It significantly enlarges the breadth
and depth of support we are able to offer our DOD customers. "

FAA STC's PWI B200/250
Window Light LED Upgrade
for King Air Aircraft
PWI announced that
the FAA has given STC
approval to the PWI
B200/250 King Air window LED upgrade. " We've
been waiting a long time
for this certification and so have B200/250 owners, "
said Robi Lorik, president and CEO of PWI. " I'm
happy to say that we have the parts ready to ship
right now. Just send us the orders. " The B200/250
upgrade provides a contemporary feeling cabin.
PWI's LED upgrade will not create a buzzing noise
which plagues current lighting systems, giving an
overall quieter flight to all passengers. The upgrade
also provides 100,000 hours of life as well as a 33
percent weight savings, compared to fluorescent.
The PWI upgrade also requires 50 percent less measured operating current, and eliminates the high
voltage associated with fluorescent lighting. LED's
also require less ongoing maintenance.

Magnetic Engines Performs
its First Combustion Chamber
Replacement on CFM56-7B Engine
Magnetic Engines, a subsidiary of Magnetic MRO
Total Technical Care provider for aircraft operators and lessors, has performed its first combustion chamber replacement on a CFM56-7B engine.
vCombustion chamber replacement is one of the
new services added to the company's capabilities list
after the purchase of new tooling last year and one
of the first projects since the new brand launch, performed by the team under Magnetic Engines name.
" This was a historical event for the engine shop, a
small step for mankind but a big change for us. We
strongly believe that demand for light and hospital
repairs will grow even higher as the airlines and
asset owners would be trying to optimize its cash
flow and perform lighter repairs or modular replacements where possible postponing overhauls for the
future,'' shared Alexey Ivanov, executive sales director
at Magnetic Engines.



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