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Air Côte d'Ivoire Receives
its First Airbus A320neo
Air Côte d'Ivoire, Ivory Coast's flagship carrier based
in Abidjan, has taken delivery of its first A320neo,
becoming the first operator of the type in the WestAfrican region. This latest generation aircraft will
join Air Côte d'Ivoire's existing Airbus fleet of six
aircraft. With improved levels of efficiency, this new
aircraft will be deployed on Air Côte d'Ivoire's regional network to serve Senegal, Gabon and Cameroon.
Destinations like South Africa will be added at a later
stage, highlighting the operational flexibility of the

said Robert Dingemanse, PAL-V's CEO. " Although we
are experienced entrepreneurs, we learned that in
aviation everything is exponentially stricter. Next to
the aircraft, all aspects of the organization, including suppliers and maintenance parties must be certified. " In 2009 PAL-V agreed with EASA (European
Union Aviation Safety Agency) to use the Certification
Specifications for Small Rotorcraft, CS-27, as a starting
point for the development of the Certification Basis.
PAL-V worked together with EASA to amend the complete list of over 1,500 criteria to make it applicable for
the PAL-V. The list was published last year for review
by industry experts and the final version was published the week of Feb. 15. The EASA type certificate
is valid for Europe and is also accepted in 80 percent
of the world market, including the US and China.

A320neo. Powered by CFM Leap-1A engines, the aircraft is configured in a comfortable two-class layout
with 16 seats in Business and 132 seats in Economy
Class. Passengers will benefit from the widest cabin
of any single aisle aircraft, high-speed Internet connectivity and latest generation in-flight entertainment system. Air Cote d'Ivoire's first A320neo took
off from Toulouse carrying one ton of humanitarian
goods including medical equipment and toys.

Flying Car, PAL-V, First In The
World To Finalize Certification
Basis With EASA
After being the
first flying car to
get road permission for Europe,
PAL-V is now
also the first to
complete the full
certification basis with EASA. Based on PAL-V's 10
years of test results, EASA specialist teams finalized
the requirements for the PAL-V Liberty. The issuance last week, after industry consultation, shows
the confidence of the European authorities and the
maturity of the design and the company. The final
phase is compliance demonstration before CarFlying
becomes reality for PAL-V's customers. " Getting a flying car to the market is hard. It takes at least 10 years, "


MARCH 2021	

Advance Aerospace Boosting
Business Efficiencies with WinAir
WinAir announces that MRO, Advance Aerospace
Inc., has implemented WinAir Version 7 and is now
live with the software. After concluding a product
implementation in January using entirely remote
processes and procedures, including completing a
data migration, inventory import and user training,
the MRO is now using the software daily to track
and manage maintenance and maintain inventory
" We reviewed multiple products on the market,
but WinAir's browser-based software stood out as
the ideal solution for our MRO, " said Darryl Nicolas,
Advance Aerospace general manager. " With WinAir
Version 7, we can manage engine maintenance using
a template approach, which accelerates processes and
saves us valuable time while simultaneously ensuring data authenticity and assisting with maintaining
compliance. We are pleased with the results of our
remote software implementation and are excited to
grow our business with WinAir. "



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