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A Promising Outlook for
General Aviation
The general and business aviation industry has endured a great deal since
the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have faced numerous challenges
and our resiliency has been tested, but our manufacturers and maintenance
providers have actively managed their way through the past two years with a
focus on the safety of employees and the growth of the industry. As we begin
to come out of the pandemic, we are seeing that our industry is alive with new
developments and has a keen eye on the future.
The General Aviation Manufacturers Association's
By Pete Bunce
Pete Bunce is the
president and CEO
of GAMA, which
represents more than
100 of the world's
leading manufacturers
of general aviation
airplanes and
rotorcraft, engines,
avionics, components
and related services.
(GAMA's) 2021 General Aviation Aircraft Shipments
and Billings Report, which was released in late
February, showed that our industry is healthy and
growing. The strength and tenacity of the general aviation
industry and its workforce has provided a strong
foundation for us to rebound from pandemic-related
setbacks with a powerful showing in 2021.
Overall, when compared to 2020, all aircraft segments
- piston airplanes, turboprops, business jets,
piston helicopters and turbine helicopters - saw
increases in shipments and preliminary aircraft
deliveries were valued at $25.2 billion, an increase of
10.2 percent. Currently, total aircraft shipments are
converging on figures that were seen before the outset
of the pandemic.
In 2021, the piston airplane segment saw its highest
deliveries reported in over a decade, even exceeding
the pre-pandemic shipments reported in 2019. These
figures align with the growing demand for primary
training aircraft.
Turboprop airplane shipments showed strong
growth when compared to 2020 and are back to prepandemic
levels. The market share of the turboprop
segment shows its utility and diversity. The turboprop
segment of our market has also led the way in embracing
the novel safety capability of the Collier Trophywinning
Autoland system developed by the Garmin
team across several airplane models.
Business jet deliveries are growing compared to
2020 and beginning to converge on pre-pandemic
levels. When you examine the grouping of weight segments
of business jets, light, medium and large, you see
that all three segments rebounded, which is different
from what we experienced after the 2008 financial
crisis when large business jets remained strong while
smaller jets declined significantly in delivery rates.
Both the piston and turbine helicopter segments
also bounced back in 2021. While the helicopter market
has experienced highs and lows over the last decade,
their deliveries remain healthy, particularly in the
return in deliveries seen compared to 2020.
In addition to aircraft deliveries, we are seeing flight
traffic at record levels as well as heightened interest
from new customers and buyers of general and business
aviation aircraft. Maintenance activity has also
returned to pre-pandemic levels, while at the same
time, career opportunities within the maintenance
and manufacturing organizations remain plentiful.
As the excitement across our industry continues to
grow, so do our developments in design, technology
and manufacturing. There is a continued focus on new
and innovative technologies that improve utility and
safety as well as advancements that improve efficiencies
of aircraft.
The aviation manufacturing and maintenance
industry is an integral part of the U.S. economy and
transportation system. It will be important that we
continue to focus on growing our workforce to sustain
our resurgence. Our industry stands ready to continue
forging forward to create opportunities and bolster
our growth.
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A Promising Outlook for General Aviation
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