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So What?
As I'm getting off the plane from MRO
Americas, it's hard to describe the mixture
of excitement and exhaustion filling
my body.
It's amazing to see the industry bounce back from
By Joe Petrie,
Editorial Director
the brink. Seeing the conference brimming with people,
business being conducted and people just happy to be
out is exciting. It's almost like we've convinced ourselves
the past two years was a mutual sabbatical and nothing
has changed.
But we're all a little rusty getting back out there. Many
of us had a smattering of industry events to attend since March 2020 and might
have found ourselves a little out of swing with live events.
Shows like MRO Americas are challenging for attendees and exhibitors alike.
If you're walking a show looking to buy something, you have countless options for
what you need. And if you're an exhibitor, it's tough to stand out in the crowd to
get everyone's attention.
Not everyone can pull off wine and cheese mixers. And while they're a nice perk
of a tradeshow, not everyone is looking for gratis wine and cheese.
Getting attention is an artform. Luckily, it's very learnable.
When I work with junior editors starting their careers, we always cover the
basics of building a strong story - who, what, where, when, why and how. Everyone
learns that in journalism school and
anyone with a passing fancy into the
media understands that concept.
But I always challenging them
Check out AMT's
video highlights from
the 2022 Aerospace
Maintenance Competition
at MRO Americas
with the unwritten seventh tenant
of storytelling - so what.
So what is the most important
part of any message. It's a question
that drives us unwittingly to make
most of the decisions we do in our
lives. It's the payoff to a goal or the central standard of a product.
Does your equipment have a new feature? So what? Your tools have a new line?
So what? Attending a tradeshow? So what? Got an issue at your repair shop you
need to address? So what?
AkzoNobel had a virtual painting simulator at its booth at MRO Americas.
Attendees got to try their skills at painting a virtual airplane while others cheered
them on. When we asked about the " so what " element, they were able to explain
how they can train painters in an efficient manner without wasting paint and show
veteran painters ways to further hone their skills.
Those are some powerful so what's.
Focusing on the so what gives clarity towards an end goal when making business
decisions or buying new equipment. It also gives technology providers a better goal
when explaining their latest innovation for a new product.
As you look to the rest of the year and the goals you want to accomplish, make
sure to take a breath and look within at what you're trying to do. Then ask yourself
one simple question: so what?
4 MAY/JUNE 2022
Volume 33, No. 4, May/June 2022
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