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Thirdly, sustaining corrosion training and culture changes
requires novel policy, said Russell and McCray.
In order to track overarching Naval Aviation Enterprise (NAE)
corrosion investment more effectively, they would also like to see
corrosion mitigation established as a program of record within
the Navy.
That, however, will take time.
" It could take a decade or more to see the benefits of today's
investment, " Russell said. " There's no way to do this job without
being optimistic. "
Optimism has been long been a characteristic of NAWCAD's
approach to complex problems like corrosion mitigation.
" It's a serious issue, and any effort that can reduce maintenance
costs or reduce corrosion is very rewarding, " Arafat said.
T8E-H is a 1400 degree Anti-Seize grease that replaces graphite
petroleum grease on the new Gen-X and 9X jet engines, to aid in
the installation and removal of threaded fasteners. Approved by
Eastman Turbo Oil 2380
Eastman Turbo Oil 2380 offers
optimal electrical conductivity
to help avoid short circuits and
is an ideal oil for low-temperature
viscosity. With ETO 2380,
you can start your engine at low
temperatures without worrying
about wear issues, reduce hard
starts and improve carbon seal life in your aircraft.
Super Vinall
Super Vinall, a highly concentrated
alkaline cleaner, cleans the interior
and exterior of aircraft, effectively
removing carbon and hydraulic fluids,
degreasing aircraft parts and
removing graffiti on cargo compartment
gill liners. Super Vinall conforms
to Boeing D6-17487 Revision K,
AMS 1550A, McDonnell Douglas CSD
#1, and EPA " Fathead Minnow " Test.
40 MAY/JUNE 2022
Turbine Oil
AeroShell Turbine Oil
560 is a third-generation
synthetic hindered
ester lubricating oil
formulated to cope
with demanding operating conditions. ASTO 560 has consistently
delivered the right balance of performance and cost efficiency to the
global aviation industry over the past 25 years and is developed based
on a deep understanding of commercial aviation requirements. The
result is a versatile lubricating oil proven to deliver cleaner engines,
more reliable operational performance and longer maintenance cycles.
Phillips 66 X/C Aviation Oil
Phillips 66 X/C Aviation Oil is an ashless dispersant,
multi-grade engine oil specially formulated for
year-round use in aircraft piston engines. It
provides distinct performance benefits compared
with single-grade engine oils, including
easier starting and faster oil circulation
at low temperatures, reduced warm-up time
and reduced oil consumption in most engines.
Aviation 2000 Degreaser
Quickly blast away encrusted dirt, carbonized oils, grease
and Skydrol from aircraft engine housings, parts and avionic
components. Can be used as an electronic contact and
plug cleaner for non-energized equipment. Excellent wetting
action lifts and removes soils from the tightest areas.


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