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The Long and
Winding Road
We all know that aviation is the backbone
of the nation's transportation system,
but it's amazing how unbreakable
the network is.
Since the turn of the century, we've seen the 9/11
By Joe Petrie,
Editorial Director
terrorist attacks, two recessions, the global financial
meltdown, a sizeable winnowing of commercial
air carriers via consolidation, years of stopgap FAA
reauthorization agreements, pilot shortages, lack of
mechanics, lack of ground support crews, shortage of
line techs, improperly vetted aircraft, FBO consolidation,
skyrocketing educational costs, ballooning fuel costs, diesel shortages, an
unprepared network for booming civilian UAS traffic, PFAS, an aging infrastructure
system, global pandemic, cyberattacks and a uptick in passenger violence
inside terminals and airplanes.
And all things considered? We're not doing too bad. While attending NBAABACE
in October, I was amazed how upbeat the industry remains despite all the
unpropitious situations continuing to rear their heads.
Honeywell's Global Aviation Outlook forecasts anticipates a 9% increase in
business aviation traffic this year coupled with 15% growth in jet deliveries and
expenditures over the next decade. Meanwhile Hopper predicted one of the most
expensive holiday travel tickets in the past five years with such high demand
for travel.
The jump to business aviation appears to be real. Thanks to competitive
pricing from charter providers and flexible scheduling and ease of use, we can
expect a continued surge in usage and traffic growth for airports of all sizes
across the country.
Even the specter of a recession isn't weighing too hard on the industry. No one
is dismissive of this threat; but there's an air of confidence as to how everyone
will fare and how bad it could possibly be.
I'm also seated in optimistic class. That's why I see another great year for
aviation ahead as we move another year past the pandemic and back to normal.
With that in mind, here are my five predictions for 2023:
1. Long-term FAA Reauthorization will pass. Don't expect big changes, but
another stretch of stability lies ahead.
2. Airside electrification will make a big leap. Expect big investments from
major airports on all-electric equipment this year.
3. Travel gets back to business. Expect more businesses to invest in business
travel as the reality of conducting deals on Zoom doesn't have the same impact.
4. The pilot shortage gets relief. Airlines are on a hiring spree now. The trained
pilots will come online in the new year and flights will return.
5. The recession won't be as bad as predicted. Famous last words, I know, but
the tech sector is getting the brunt of the burn while other areas of the economy
are still rolling.
Thanks for reading this year and I can't wait to see you all in 2023!
Volume 34, No. 1, November/December 2022
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