November-December 2022 - 8

Collins Aerospace Receives Milestone
Certification for Combined Vision Systems
Collins Aerospace has achieved a technical standard order (TSO) for its combined
vision system (CVS) for business aviation aircraft. The CVS provides clarity
to pilots in all types of weather to confidently and securely navigate aircraft
through low visibility situations. CVS brings together Collins' proven head-up
display (HUD), primary flight
display (PFD), Synthetic Vision
Systems (SVS) and Enhanced
Vision Systems (EVS) technologies,
to present the best view
to pilots. Advanced algorithms
detect and extract real-time
features from the complete EVS
image - such as from Collins'
EVS-3600 multi-spectral EVS
sensor - and integrate them
with Collins' feature-rich SVS which accurately presents terrain, obstacles,
airports and runways, independent of the visibility conditions. " TSO certification
is an important step in our journey to provide dynamic CVS technology
to our customers who rely on our vision systems to guide them through low
visibility situations in every stage of flight, " said Craig Brown, general manager
of Vision Systems for Collins Aerospace. " Whether it's poor weather, smoke,
dust, demanding terrain or busy airports, CVS clearly and automatically displays
the critical visual information pilots need to safely operate their aircraft. "
Dassault Aviation Adds 13,000 m2
in Seclin, France
Dassault Aviation has inaugurated the extension of its Seclin plant,
which is now 50,000 m2. The plant is responsible for manufacturing
machined and formed aluminum and titanium primary parts for the
company's civil and military aircraft. New workshops are devoted
to surface treatment and sheet metal work previously carried out
at Argenteuil. Chemical machining was replaced with a unique " 12axis "
machining process, the only one of its kind in the world. " The
large-scale investments in recent years have led to a significant rise
in manpower: we had 300
employees in 2018, and
now have nearly 600,
including subcontractors
on site. The eventual
target is a total of 700
staff in 2025. The skills
and industrial resources
brought together here
are among the best
in Europe, even the
world, " said Eric Trappier, chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation.
Former U.S. Assistant Secretary
of Defense Joins Red Cat
Holdings Board of Directors
Red Cat Holdings Inc., a provider of unmanned
vehicles to militaries and businesses globally,
announced Mary Beth Long has been appointed
to its board of directors. Long brings with her
decades of public and private sector experience
in national security policy and defense strategy,
having served as assistant secretary
of defense for international
security affairs in the Office of
the Secretary of Defense from
2007 to 2009. She is a successful
entrepreneur specializing in
compliance and foreign investment.
Her law firm, MB Long &
Associates PLLC, specializes in export compliance
and defense. She is also co-founder and principal
of Global Alliance Advisors and owner of Askari
Defense and Intelligence, LLC. " I'm thrilled to be
joining Red Cat's board of directors, " Long said.
" Red Cat and its subsidiaries continue to innovate
within the unmanned systems industry, developing
cutting-edge new technologies that expand our
capabilities for Mars exploration, reconnaissance
and national defense. I look forward to collaborating
with my fellow board members and other colleagues
to pursue even greater ambitions in the
years to come. "
Textron Aviation Breaks Ground on
Distribution Center Expansion
Textron Aviation broke ground on its 180,000-squarefoot
expansion to its parts distribution facility in
Kansas. " This is an exciting day as we break ground
on this expansion, " said Kriya Shortt, senior vice
president, Global Parts and Distribution. " The additional
space and capabilities this expansion provides
will enable us to continue to invest in inventory
to support not only new models like the Cessna
SkyCourier and Beechcraft Denali but to continue
to bolster our stock levels for other product lines
as well. " " As we continue to invest in our product
lineup, it is important that we also invest in our
aftermarket business, " said Ron Draper, president
and CEO. " We remain dedicated to our customers
beyond their delivery, we support them throughout
the life of their aircraft. "

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