November-December 2022 - 9

Boeing Opens New Germany Distribution
Center to Meet Growing Demand
Boeing has opened a distribution center in Hensteadt-Ulzburg,
Germany, expanding capacity to meet growing demand across
Europe for specialized materials and chemicals. The facility will
serve a broad customer base, including commercial airlines, business
and general aviation, original equipment manufacturers and
their subcontractors in the commercial and defense sectors. The
new center will be one of the largest and most technologically
advanced Boeing facilities. This location will help supply more
than 6,000 airlines, suppliers and component manufacturers
with chemicals and specialty materials. " Opening this new site
in Germany positions us to deliver more services to regional operators
to keep their fleets running safely, efficiently and sustainably, "
said Stephanie Pope, CEO of Boeing Global Services. " With
the growing demand for these products, we need to provide our
customers in the region with the chemical and specialty materials
they need, when and where they need them. "
Gulfstream Expands Customer
Support in West Africa
Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. announced a new
authorized warranty facility agreement with
ExecuJet Aviation Nigeria (EJAN) in Lagos to provide
warranty and maintenance service and spare parts
for Gulfstream G450, Gulfstream G550, Gulfstream
G650 and Gulfstream G650ER aircraft in West
Africa. The 275,000-square-foot VIP aircraft terminal
facility encompasses an international departure/arrival
terminal, FBO and maintenance facility.
It is the largest in sub-Saharan Africa and includes
a 50,000-square-foot hangar space that can accommodate
up to four G550 jets simultaneously. " As we
have expanded our service network with new, modern
facilities, we are also expanding our footprint
of authorized warranty facilities as the Gulfstream
fleet continues to grow around the world, including
in West Africa, " said Derek Zimmerman, president,
Gulfstream Customer Support.
Safran's Additive Manufacturing
Campus, A New Center of Excellence
Safran's new 12,500-square-meter additive manufacturing facility
in France groups all processes needed to make parts using
additive manufacturing,
from research and development
to engineering
and production. Already
more than 100 scientists,
engineers and technicians
work in the facility to produce
parts using stateof-the-art
especially 3D printers
that use 3D digital models
to turn metallic powders
into aircraft and engine
parts. The first 1,000 3D-printed parts from the Safran Additive
Manufacturing Campus have been delivered to Safran Helicopter
Engines since June 2022. " We made a strategic decision to create
this new center of excellence to consolidate Safran's expertise in
additive manufacturing and accelerate the application of this
disruptive technology, " said Olivier Andries, CEO of Safran. " We
will be leveraging the advantages of this technology to make our
new products even lighter, while enhancing their performance -
and that's the key to meeting our industry's objective of reducing
its environmental impact. A quarter of the parts in some of our
engines could eventually be made using this process. "
Rolls-Royce Low-Emission Combustion
System Takes off Into Flight Test Phase
Rolls-Royce has successfully entered the final phase of testing
its ALECSys (Advanced Low Emissions Combustion System)
demonstrator engine, this time at altitude. The demonstrator took to
the skies attached to the Rolls-Royce Boeing 747 Flying Test Bed in
Tucson, Arizona. The test
program has included flights
up to 40,000 feet as well as
a number of engine relights
at different conditions.
The innovative lean-burn
combustion system improves
the pre-mixing of fuel and
air prior to ignition, enabling cleaner combustion of the fuel, which
results in lower NOX and particulate emissions. The ALECSys engine
demonstrator has previously completed a comprehensive set of
ground tests, including icing, water ingestion, ground operability,
emissions and running on 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). 9

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