September-October 2022 - 4

Back in the Black
By Joe Petrie,
Editorial Director
The revival of commercial air travel has
been a massive challenge across the
aviation industry this year. Airports are
brimming, but aircraft and pilots are
sparse, putting extra challenges on
MROs to keep aircraft in the sky and
ready to go.
I recently got an opportunity to hear from Delta CEO
Ed Bastian at an industry event, where he explained
these challenges inside his airline and how the company
is addressing them now. They've taken bold steps to take on these challenges and
he expects the airline to be fully back to business no later than summer 2023.
Meanwhile, they're committed to electrifying half of Delta's ground equipment
by 2025 and opening up career opportunities within the company by eliminating
the need for four-year degrees for many leadership positions.
Flexibility and change are not synonymous with the aviation industry; but
this shows it's time to rethink rigid structures that may not make as much
sense as they did 30 years ago. The pandemic didn't make these old ways of
doing business obsolete, but it put plenty of pressure on some weak spots in the
business operation chain that broke some norms and
created ghastly operational consequences for those
who wish to ignore what has happened and go back
to the old days.
In this issue's cover story on preventing ground
Half of your
are created
by not paying
attention and
the solution
comes from
damage, Western Jet General Manager Jason Mann
explains that about half of incidents occur from people
not paying attention. Mitigating the problems comes
from training, modifying shop equipment, rethinking
operations and considering all the factors that can
prevent an accident from occurring on your ramp.
This lesson could be adopted across all aspects of
your organization. Half of your challenges are created
by not paying attention and the solution comes
from change.
It's easy for Delta to invest millions in changes to
recruit staff and a fleet of new equipment, but smaller
organizations have a size advantage that allows them
to make change on a quicker scale.
As you look to the future, don't think about it just
in terms of eVTOL, drones, supersonic jets, electric
aircraft and hydrogen fueled aircraft. Pay attention to
what isn't getting attention now and find your future
in aviation.
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