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General Aviation Moves Closer to an Unleaded Future
The FAA on Sept. 1 signed supplemental type certificates
to allow General Aviation Modifications Inc.'s 100-octane
unleaded fuel (G100UL) to be used in every general sparkignition
engine and every airframe powered by those
engines. The move was hailed by the industry as a
major step in the transition to an unleaded GA
future. The FAA's approval of the use of G100UL
fuel in all piston aircraft directly addresses
the industry's long-standing goal of finding
solutions that can be used for the entire GA
piston fleet. " I'm proud of GAMI, the industry
team, and the FAA for persevering over the
long term and getting a fuel that the FAA has
recognized as a viable alternative to low lead, "
AOPA President Mark Baker said. " It's vital that we
find solutions to what has been plaguing general aviation
since the '70s. It's certainly the biggest issue I have dealt
with in my time at AOPA. " " This is a big deal, " Baker added,
" but there is a lot of work yet to be done. " In 2021 the FAA
approved STCs for GAMI covering a smaller number of
Cessna 172 engines and airframes, and then expanded the
STC-approved model list (AML) to include essentially all
lower compression engines. Though that was seen as an
encouraging step forward in the years-long path to supply
unleaded aviation fuel to the piston aircraft fleet, the STCs
did not include aircraft needing the higher octane fuel that
accounts for two-thirds of avgas consumption. The Sept.
1 announcement by the FAA addresses the needs of those
higher compression engines. GAMI co-founder George Braly
said, " This is a big day for the industry. It means that for a
lot of our general aviation communities, and especially for
a high fraction on the West Coast, relief is on the way. And
it means that our industry will be able to go into the future
and prosper, and provide the essential infrastructure for
this country for everything from Angel Flights to critical
training of our future airline pilots. " GAMI's Braly
has said that Ann Arbor, Michigan-based fuel
supplier Avfuel is standing by to manage the
logistics and distribution of G100UL, and
said he is open to partnerships. The timing
for when G100UL will reach airports is still
uncertain. While the cost of the fuel has not
been determined, Braly said the small batch
production process that will initially earmark the
arrival of G100UL at airports means that the fuel
will cost slightly more than leaded avgas. Owners can
also expect to see engines that operate more efficiently. " I
think the days of cleaning spark plugs every 50 hours are
going to be behind us for good, " Braly said. Swift Fuels Inc.,
an Indiana-based company, has received FAA approval
for its 94-octane unleaded fuel, and has expanded its
distribution, particularly to the West Coast. Swift Fuels'
94-octane fuel meets some, but not all, of the demand of
aircraft with lower compression engines. The company is
developing a 100R unleaded fuel with more than 10 percent
renewable content. In addition, two fuel candidates are
currently in the PAFI testing process. AOPA encourages
all fuel manufacturers to follow through with their own
formulations, Baker said, adding, " We'd like to see several
fuels available that all work together and blend together.
Competition is always a good thing for the markets. "
Bombardier Celebrates Entry-into-service of
Challenger 3500 Launch Customer Aircraft
Bombardier announced that its new award-winning Challenger 3500 business
jet, destined for the program's launch customer, Les Goldberg, chairman and
CEO of Entertainment Technology Partners,
has entered into service. The latest evolution
in the Challenger lineage, the Challenger 3500
aircraft offers many of the features of the company's
ultra-luxurious Global family as standard
equipment, including Bombardier's stylish and
exclusive Nuage seat. The aircraft's advanced
design also prioritizes passenger wellness, with
a dramatically lower cabin-pressure altitude that engenders a more pervasive sense
of comfort and well-being. The Challenger 3500 aircraft further adds to its string
of innovations with the industry's first voice-controlled cabin to manage lighting,
temperature and entertainment systems, the first wireless chargers throughout
the cabin and the only 24-inch, 4K display in its class.
Elliott Aviation Acquires Fifth
Location With Dallas-based MRO
Elliott Aviation has announced the addition of its
fifth MRO location with the recent acquisition of
Four Points Aero on Love Field in Dallas, Texas. The
acquisition increases Elliott's airframe service capabilities
to further include Dassault Falcon models 900B,
900EX and 2000EX. " The acquisition of Four Points
Aero aligns with our mission to continuously meet
and exceed our customers' needs and expectations "
said Greg Sahr, president and CEO of Elliott Aviation.
" We are excited to grow not only our footprint, but
also our team with the talented technicians working
at Love Field. We welcome the Four Points team
to the Elliott Aviation family - and we look to move
forward, integrating Four Points' legacy and brand
into the Elliott values of unmatched quality, uncompromising
integrity, and unbeatable customer service. "

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