September-October 2022 - 7

All Nippon Airways Launches
Boeing's New Insight Accelerator
Boeing announced All Nippon Airways (ANA) will be
the launch customer for Insight Accelerator (IA), a new
cloud-based digital solution employing artificial intelligence
to improve operational efficiency and avoid
high impact service disruptions. While the latest generation
of commercial airplanes like the 787 generate
a large amount of flight data, many operators lack the
infrastructure to manage and leverage the information.
By using augmented analytics to discover and
deploy predictive algorithms for anomaly detection,
the Insight Accelerator solution enables airlines to take
proactive maintenance and repair action and prevent
unscheduled delays. " There are many products on the
market for flight data analytics but Insight Accelerator
is the most effective tool for our aircraft operation, "
commented Manubu Tono, All Nippon Airways manager
of Planning & Administration, Engineering. " It's
very innovative, and meets our primary goal of leveraging
features in flight data that indicate a system
failure before it happens. " Boeing developed the IA
platform based on decades of experience supporting
the global fleet and developing rigorous methods while
assisting " airplane-on-ground " situations. " IA's built-in
artificial intelligence, guided exploration and powerful
visualizations allow airlines to investigate flight
and maintenance data, identify trends and discover
insights - all without specialized coding or programming
skills, " said Duane Wehking, vice president of
Digital Aviation Solutions at Boeing Global Services.
" This is an easy-to-use solution that will provide value
to airlines from day one. " Based in Tokyo, ANA was
the global launch operator of the 787 Dreamliner and
is a launch customer for the 777X family. The carrier
became the first airline in Japan to order the 737 MAX
with firm orders for 20 737-8s, and currently operates
more than 170 Boeing jets. ANA operates the world's
largest 787 fleet with 77 Dreamliners including all
three sub-models.
Collins Aerospace Opens $18M Ram Air Turbine
Wind Tunnel Test Facility in Illinois
Collins Aerospace celebrated
the opening of a new $18 million
wind tunnel for its Ram
Air Turbine product family at
the company's Electric Power
Systems facility in Rockford,
Illinois. With fully automated,
state-of-the-art technology and
enhanced quality via real-time
data analytics, the new wind tunnel will streamline the Ram Air Turbine testing
and certification process for Collins' airframer customers. Designed to serve as
the small but mighty heart of an aircraft's emergency power system, Collins' Ram
Air Turbine deploys from the wing or fuselage if a plane loses power in flight. By
rotating its small turbine, the system extracts sufficient power from the airstream
to allow the pilot to land the aircraft. The new wind tunnel will use a powerful
fan to create a windspeed of up to 170 knots to simulate an in-flight power loss
during the testing process. It will have the ability to test Collins' full range of Ram
Air Turbines for business, regional, single aisle, widebody and military aircraft.
Airbus and HeliDax Sign First HCare Classics
Support Contract To Cover Fleet of 36 H120s
French helicopter operator
HeliDax and Airbus Helicopters
have signed the first-ever HCare
Classics support contract to optimize
the availability of HeliDax's
H120 fleet. HCare Classics is
Airbus' new support package
entirely dedicated to meeting
the support needs of the company's
out-of-production legacy
helicopters. An H120 operator since 2008, HeliDax relies on its fleet of 36 H120s to
provide basic and advanced training to the French and Belgian armed forces and
the French Gendarmerie. HeliDax's fleet is the largest in-service H120 fleet in the
world today. With eight years remaining in the pilot training program contract,
HeliDax selected HCare Classics to benefit from the OEM's guaranteed support
performance. " To continue guaranteeing our fleet and service availability until the
end of our contract with the government in 2030, it is essential to have a strong
commitment from our major partner, Airbus Helicopters, in terms of support and
obsolescence monitoring, " says Christian Prigentt, director of HeliDax. " The HCare
Classics contract secures our supply chain and replaces our acquisition of safety
stocks, whose quantities are based on estimates only without taking into account
future logistical supply chain risks. In this respect, and thanks to its service, which
is paid per flight hour, this contract will contribute directly to our management
of maintenance costs, until the end of our agreement with the French government. "
Today there are more than 2,000 legacy Airbus helicopters in service with
approximately 750 operators around the world. These out-of-production aircraft
include the H120, Dauphin, Puma and Gazelle and account for 15% of the flight
hours generated by the entire Airbus Helicopters fleet. 7

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