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Secondary airports offer a relaxed atmosphere
with quick access to parking and gates

The Club JAX
at Jacksonville
Airport is one
of the newest
U.S. shared-use
airport lounge

inclusive; they democratize comfort and
hospitality for all passengers regardless of
airline, class of ticket, or Frequent Flyer
Of course, traveler demands differ
by generation. A recent study by The
Collinson Group discovered that Baby

Boomers make pampering a priority
during vacations, but less than half of
them require an airport lounge. Gen X
travelers are looking for family-oriented
activities, which maybe why 48 percent
of them favor an airport lounge to rest
in. Millennials travel more often, seeking
"once-in-a-lifetime" experiences at a low
price point, but 53 percent of them still
want that airport lounge.
The difference in generational needs
helps explain the need for personalized
experiences. Most independent lounges
offer snacks and beverages, Wi-Fi,
charging stations, newspapers and other
standard amenities. However, some
secondary airports are now offering
lounges with separate zones for business
and leisure travelers of any generation.
They even offer unique amenities such
as personal showers, private phone
booths, workstations, meditation rooms,
and playrooms for children. The Club
network of lounges is an example of an
independent lounge where passengers can
find the perfect zone for them as they
prepare for the next leg of their journey.
For even more memorable passenger
experiences, secondary airports are
partnering with local entertainment,
restaurants, coffee shops, and breweries.
Many secondary airports across Asia and

The Club network of lounges is
an example of an independent
lounge where passengers can find
the perfect zone for them as they
prepare for the next leg of their

Europe are already creating spaces and
amenities that create that memorable
traveler experience - both on the
concourse and in the airport's lounges.
In the United States, Austin-Bergstrom
International in Austin, TX hosts more
than a dozen live concerts every week,
entertaining transit passengers and
introducing them to the local culture.
Airports in the San Francisco Bay Area
feature tasting rooms where travelers
can sample Napa Valley wines between
flights. The trend toward the pampered
passenger is growing worldwide.
Thousands of travelers f ly in and
out of secondary airports every day. A
new trend is transforming these airports
into more than just a waiting room
between departure and destination. With
improved passenger amenities, airports
and independent lounges are becoming
part of the travel experience. Soon, any
traveler will be able to find a space to
relax and refuel before and between
flights. 




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The Rise of Secondary Airports
Not Your Parents' Boarding Bridge
Find Success in Fuel Training
A Stream of New Revenue Management
Media Relations After an Accident: Are You Ready?
Airport Guru
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