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to passenger experience outweigh the cost
Paine Field's decision to go with
glass PBB's raised the direct equipment
cost roughly 15 to 20 percent. However,
it should be noted that as glass PBB's
become more prevalent in the U.S., it is
expected the cost premium will begin to
decrease. The price difference initially
lead Propeller Airports to look at have
traditional bridges until the aesthetic
difference outweighed the price difference.
"It's a far more pleasurable experience
for the passengers, both usability and
aesthetics," Reichin said.
Grantham says that the aesthetic value
of glass PBBs are the main attraction.
"The end product is a lot nicer because
you have a clear line of sight," he said.
"Let's be honest, you walk down a jetway,
it's not always the most exciting thing in
the world. You're sometimes standing
in queue, sometimes it's hot, sometimes

it's cold, you're anxious to get onto the
f light. It can be a stressful situation for
passengers, but if it's a glass bridge and
you have a line of sight to the view of
the landscape, especially if you're in the
middle of Montana or somewhere with a
nice view, it really does help the passenger
experience. They're a lot cleaner and they
seem much more open. If you were to
poll most people, they would say they like
natural light than illumination light. Just
getting the natural light into the bridge,
that affects a lot of people."
However, glass PBB do pose their
own unique challenges, both during
installation and after. Glass bridges tend
to be heavier, sometimes requiring larger
foundations to hold them. Glass bridges
are also more delicate than their metal
counterparts and can break from impact or
severe weather changes - though Bramlett
said it's not a common issue.
"The glass can break, whether it
be from impact or from just severe
temperature changes, the glass can crack
and although rare, it has happened. That
probably goes into the category of it's a
just a newer product. It's not something
that's been as thoroughly installed and
thoroughly investigated nationwide in the
U.S. In some ways we're still in a bit of
learning curve, but at the same time there
haven't been that many issues at all as far as
mechanically or physically operating. The
glass cracking or breaking is not common,"
said Bramlett.
What is common, though, is cleaning.
"You have to keep them clean," said

"They certainly require more
maintenance to upkeep, because they
have to be cleaned on a regular basis,"
added Smith.
"Typically, it requires everybody to be
a little more diligent when it comes to
keeping things clean, because now you
can see a lot more," Bramlett said. "If
you're putting in a glass bridge to improve
passenger experience, it's going to take
some effort to make sure that experience
stays top-notch. You'd even think that
along the ramp. If your passengers are
able to now walk outside that building
face and look down, maybe underneath
some areas that are typically covered and
not visible, now those areas have to have
equal scrutiny to make sure that nothing is
an eyesore. Or you're counter-productive
in your efforts to provide a glass bridge."
In Atlanta, Hartsfield-Jackson Airport
is currently underway with what is
considered the largest ground support
project in U.S. history - the renovation of
116 PBBs. At the time of writing, 97 of the
bridges have been replaced in what airport
assistant director of project management
Todd McClendon described as a quality
of life update.
"The bridges are really no different to
any other system in the building. At least,
we don't treat them any differently. You
can live without AC, no one is going to
be happy, but it's hard to live without a
bridge to get on a plane," said McClendon
as to what lead to the project. "They have
a useful life and when they start getting
close to the end of their useful life, then
you start making plans to replace them. It




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