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truly is that simple and these get a lot of
use. They are a life-blood to this airport.
One of the elements that we rely on every
day to get people from the concourse level
straight out to the airplane, so without
them it creates dynamics that we don't
want to get into."
The bridges, also being installed
by the Aero Group, are getting much
needed upgrades to their infrastructure
and technology.
"We kind of laugh in the office as some

One of the new boarding bridges
at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta
International Airport.

of the bridges we're taking out were made
well before cell phones and well before
pagers. Just the new technology that we're
installing is a world of difference than
what they had before," Grantham said.
"Aero has been in Atlanta for a very
long time. We were founded here and
we are headquarterd here. We've been
working at the Atlanta airport since we
were first founded," continued Bramlett.
"We've had the opportunity, in one way
or another, to plan and work at every
one of these gates before this project
happened. Being very familiar with the
equipment, when this project kicked off
we had the opportunity to bring any
ideas forward for stakeholder discussion
and consideration; to determine exactly
what kind of passenger boarding bridge
finishes they wanted, specs they wanted,
if there's any kind of changes they wanted
with aircraft parking. We were able to
put a whole menu in front of them and
let them decide what they did or did not
want to budget for."


And where Paine Field's bridges
focused on aesthetics for a pleasing
passenger experience, Hartsfield-Jackson's
bridges renovations are more focused on
the wants and needs of the airport's air
carriers - namely technology and safety
One of the most strongly requested
features is automatic aircraft-docking
technology - ADB Safegate- which the
airport has equipped each bridge to take
advantage of should the bridge's carrier
want it. McClendon said that Delta is the
first to take advantage of the auto-docking
in ATL.
"The controls and the computer
capabilities have been brought up to
modern standards," said McClendon.
"They just come down, press a button,
and the bridge pre-positions itself to be in
line with the location it needs to be in to
receive the aircraft. It's a much smoother,
safer operation."
"I mean, it's amazing. The technology
now has changed quite a bit. You have


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Industry Update
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The Rise of Secondary Airports
Not Your Parents' Boarding Bridge
Find Success in Fuel Training
A Stream of New Revenue Management
Media Relations After an Accident: Are You Ready?
Airport Guru
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