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AUTHOR Joe Petrie


Biometric recognition is becoming one of the
most powerful tools airports can use to increase
security and improve the traveler experience.

ACCORDING TO the Sita 2019 Passenger IT Insights study, travelers are becoming
more comfortable with the ways technology allows them to progress through the
airport. The report states the number of passengers moving through automatic
passport control jumped to 44 percent in 2018, which is more than double from 2017.
The report states technology usage
is highest for passengers when booking
f lights and checking in. Almost half
of them utilizing a kiosk to check in
are also now optioning for self-bag
Gary McDonald, president of the
Americas for Materna, said North
American travelers are getting more
comfortable with technology. While
Millennials are comfortable using
new things, the business traveler
community is also starting to embrace
new technology coming onto the scene.
"There is star t i ng to be a n
understanding of technology as long as
that technology improves the process,"

he said.
The company did trials at Miami
International Airport (MIA) and
Minneapolis-St. Paul International
Airport (MSP) with self-bag drops.
McDonald said the self-bag drops
are doing three times the amount of
checking compared to the agent desks.
"There has to be a small amount
of agent desks kept because of the
personal touch and the people that
need the customer service," he said.
Adding biometrics to the drops is
an additional benefit to speed up the
self-drop process. McDonald said the
company is putting 176 machines in
Denver International Airport (DEN)

that can be fitted with biometrics and
Gatwick Airport is also implementing
it now.
Walking biometrics is also coming
onto the scene, which adds more speed
to the process.
"You don't have to stop and stare at
the camera," McDonald said. "If the
algorithm in the camera is such that
it picks you up while you're walking
and you don't have to stop and then
the invasion on that person doesn't
feel as bad."
Over the course of the journey,
travelers reported higher satisfaction
across all facets when utilizing new



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Inside the Fence
Industry Update
A Forward Look Into the Past
The Rise of Secondary Airports
Not Your Parents' Boarding Bridge
Find Success in Fuel Training
A Stream of New Revenue Management
Media Relations After an Accident: Are You Ready?
Airport Guru
Legal Matters
Product Focus
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