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AUTHOR Jen Bradley

Find Success in
Fuel Training

With so many planes and fueling nuances,
training is an ongoing process and has serious
repercussions if not taken seriously.
"I CAN still remember the very first airplane I ever
fueled, back in 1975," says John Lindner, risk
operations manager for EPIC Fuels. "My training
consisted of: 'See that airplane over at the pumps?
Fill it with fuel.'"
After a long career which has spanned
positions such as a line manager, tank
farm manager, fuel buyer, ground
support, contract maintenance and
more, Lindner came to work at EPIC
and brought years of on-the-airfield
experience and industry know-how
with him.
He is one of five inspectors who help
FBO customers nationwide control their
risk factors when it comes to fuel. A large
focus of this risk assessment is on training.
He says he and his team review training
policies and make sure those policies are
current and tasks are being completed
"Training is weighted quite heavily
on our checklist," Lindner says. "You
could be fueling out of maybe some
of the worst conditions, but if you're
trained and know how to do it safely


Jen Bradley, owner of Bradley Bylines, is
an aviation writer based in East Troy, WI.
She may be reached via her website at

and properly, it can be done. Training
is the core of everything that happens
in my mind."
As a 45-year industry veteran,
Swissport Fueling Inc.'s operations and
safety manager Joseph Kastelitz concurs.
He says the difference between fueling
and other ground support tasks is that
fueling is a one-man job.
"The fueler has to be very well
trained and then we have to have a lot of
supervision to make sure they are doing
it correctly," Kastelitz adds.

Hire the Right Person
When it comes to fuel training, the
professionals agree a quality employee
is essential to a successful equation.
"You have to be geared up to train
somebody that has no idea about
aircraft simply because our industry is
so small," says Wallace Sublett, f light
support manager at Superior Aviation
Company (SACjet), which includes
PATCO, Sacramento International Jet
Center and Mather Jet Center. "Rarely
do we come across individuals that have
been in the industry very long or at all."
For that reason, he says their
training program is geared toward a new
employee that is also new to aviation, and
that with SACjet's three locations, new



employees have the opportunity to be
trained on anything and everything that
has to do with the industry.
Lindner says he's had employees offer
to work for free, simply because they
want to be around airplanes in order to
be a pilot someday.
"I'm not kidding," he says with a
laugh. "I told them I had to pay them -
it's the law, but some of them were the
best employees I've ever had because they
were driven."
Woman or man, it doesn't matter,
he adds, saying: "I've had a number of
women fuelers that were super and very
detailed oriented. The start of this process
is getting the right person."
Sublett couldn't agree more. He says
that even by offering the best training in
the world, difficulties will follow if an
employee is not willing to learn.
It can be hard for FBOs to find
people, and Lindner says f light schools
are good places to look. Word of mouth
helps too, as do the traditional job
notification methods such as papers and
online ads.


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Find Success in Fuel Training
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