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To address turnover, SACjet has
based its pay structure off training
"The more they do, the more money
we put in their pocket and it's worked out
quite well," Sublett explains, noting that
employee retention improved 90 percent
after that. "Turnover is very bad. It leads
to accidents, incidents, mis-fuelings and
other things you don't want. People who
stick with you are trained, provide safety
on the ramp and are better for customers."

Joseph Kastelitz, operations and safety
manager at Swissport Fueling Inc.,
says that as new industry regulations
are adapted, the airlines and service
companies then add those regulations
into their documents. In his fueling role,
the team follows quality assurance
guidelines adopted by the airlines and oil
companies which supply fuel.

f ATA 103 (Air Transport Association) -
used in the United States, Mexico and

These documents are produced by the top
experts in fueling, Kastelitz says, including:

f IATA (International Air Transport
Association) - fuel servicing guidelines,
used globally for fueling, and quality

f JIG (Joint Inspection Group) - used
worldwide except in the United States
and Canada

Determine a Starting
NATA's Safety 1st training is the industry
standard for fuel training, Sublett says,
and what he uses to form the base of
SACjet's overall training but he says
standard operating procedures (SOPs)
should be unique to each airport and
"You can't just have a guy watch a
couple of videos and put him on the ramp
from day one," he adds. "They need to

be exposed to fueling and everything
out there."
Lindner agrees that where to start
with fuel training is tricky. Other than
the standard regulations for training, he
agrees it's best if ground support training
professionals develop site-specif ic


f CSA Standards (Canadian Standards
Association) - used in Canada.
f NFPA 407 (National Fire Protection
Agency) - used globally for fueling
safety requirements

f EI (Energy Institute) - used globally
for quality assurance

With constantly changing protocols,
Sublett says it's difficult to manage, but
it's easier to fill in these things if a core
training program is in place.
Kastelitz finds the same thing in his
role, since his job is to make sure the

Since 1945

The Original Aircraft Tug

Models Ranging
15,000 to 280,000 lbs.

Simple to Maintain




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