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Revenue Management

Look to the cloud and the latest updates in revenue management to keep
on top of your airport's finances.
MELISSA GARZA-PERRY, airports properties manager
for the city of Fresno Aviation Department in Fresno,
Calif., said they recently upgraded to the GCR ABRM
software, which takes the system from a serverbased system to a web-based system.
"We started preparing for this back in
October," she said. "We started testing
probably back in September because we
went from an Oracle-based system to a
sequel server and now we're on cloud. We
had to be able to move our information,
which they did, but we had to test the
different backgrounds to make sure all the
information was coming over properly."
Garza-Perry said Fresno decided to
switch to a cloud-based system because
of storage space issues and it allowed
the airport to get away from the city of
Fresno ISD division and relying on them
for servers.
"All of our documentation is
electronic, so keeping everything
electronic and having the storage for it,
having 14 years worth of it, at this point
was just too much," she said.
Fresno staff sat down and looked at
different options to address this issue.
Garza-Perry said they discussed ideas
like hosting it themselves or going to
a partial cloud-based system compared
to going to a full cloud-based system.
Working through all the pros and cons
of the systems, she said they decided the
full cloud-based system was best for the
"Keep in mind, it's not going to be
the same as before and you have to adapt
to the new," she said. "Once you adapt
to the new, it's amazing. It's a whole new
environment that gives you a lot more

that you didn't realize you needed.
Garza-Perr y said they tested
everything from the daily operations to
the monthly and more minuet operations
to make sure everything was working
properly across the new system.
"Make note of what you do that's not
day to day, like your annual reports for
testing," she said. "Sometimes it's the
little things that get missed, so make
notes of everything that you do with the
system that will help you with testing if
you decide to go to a new system."

Know when to upgrade
Spencer Stewart, director of sales, aviation,
for GCR Inc., said when municipalities
decide to upgrade an ERP system like
Oracle or SAP, they don't come with
a revenue management system specific
enough for airports.
"They only find that out two to four
years later when they've missed rent
escalations, they've missed percentage
rents, they've certainly missed and
made a mess of landings and take offs
and passenger facility charge tracking,"
he said.
Stewart said the current condition
of technology means everyone expects a
quality user interface and user experience.
If a system feels old and clunky, the
younger employees in the airport using
those systems don't have patience for the
programs and then opt for alternative


methods of data tracking like Excel.
"When that happens it's the beginning
of the end for that piece of software," he
Arpit Malaviya, CEO of ProDIGIQ
Inc., said there are few good aviation
specific products to handle all aspects
of revenue management at airports. The
latest technologies automate the payment
collection, to a great extent, at the same
time bringing all aspects of revenue
management whether concessions,
operations and maintenance together
through mobile usage in mind.
"The gains are phenomenal," he
said. "There is substantial cost saving
in administrative and operations cost to
run the airport business. Furthermore,
there is additional benefit of customer
service offered to external stakeholders
and tenants through a good revenue
management software."
Marva Thomas, insurance manager
at John Wayne Airport, said they had
a system they always used for property
management agreement requirement
tracking and insurance compliance
tracking. There was another system that
handled accounting and finance so they
decided to get a new program that would
integrate all the information.
"Something that would not just share
the data, but pull up reports that instead
of having to manually do reports for each
other on demand, that it would empower
users to be able to pull up their own data
and if they wanted a report, to run their
own report," she said.
Thomas said they also wanted
a system that was user-friendly and
allowed them to have correspondence
embedded in the system so they could



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