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Sheltair Aviation's New Republic Airport
Complex Greets Its New Aviation Tenants
Sheltair Aviation is rolling out a new solution for
operators looking for a home base in the Northeast:
a 144,000 square-foot, $55 million-dollar FBO
hangar complex at historic Republic Airport
(FRG) in Farmingdale, New York. Located just
minutes from downtown Manhattan via convenient
helicopter service, Sheltair FRG offers tenants a
private, stress-free option for business in the major
metropolitan area.
With splashes of sunlight filling their spacious
hangar f loors, each new facility offers 31,000 square
feet of f loor space, 4,000 square feet of office space,
28-foot door heights, generous ramp space, and
dedicated vehicle parking. On what was once part
of an historic defense complex, the entrance to the
Sheltair complex is exclusive and secure for tenants
and their guests.

B.GOOD Lands at Boston Logan International Airport
B.GOOD has opened at Boston Logan International
Airport, making it easier than ever for travelers to enjoy
great tasting, responsibly sourced burgers, bowls, salads,
smoothies and more on-the-go.
The restaurant chain will bring "Food with Roots"
- clean and
wholesome food
that is prepared
fresh in-house - to
Terminal B, which
ser v ices major
airlines, including
American Airlines,
United, Air Canada
a nd more. T he
a i r por t locat ion
will be operated by
global hospitality
company Delaware North as part of its 12 new food,
beverage and retail outlets at Logan, including many local
offerings and Boston-born brands.

Regynald Washington, Paradies Lagardère
Dining Division President Named IFMA'S 2019
Gold Plate Award Recipient
Paradies Lagardère announces that Regynald Washington,
president of Paradies Lagardère's Dining Division, was named
the 2019 Gold Plate Award recipient by the International
Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA). Regynald


received the award at the 65th
annual Gold & Silver Plate
Awards Celebration in Chicago,
"We couldn't be prouder
of Regynald, as this tremendous award recognizes his
contributions and achievements in the dining industry,"
said Gregg Paradies, president
and CEO, Paradies Lagardère.
"Cong rat u lat ions on th is
well-deserved recognition."

Jet Aviation Strengthens Industry-Leading
Services with Global FBO Expansion
The recent groundbreaking at Jet Aviation's FBO in West
Palm Beach, Florida, for new hangar and office space is the
latest step in the company's efforts to expand and improve
its global FBO network, now at 35 locations. The company
is investing heavily to ensure its facilities are designed and
equipped to meet all the business-aviation needs of its
global customer base.

This year, Jet Aviation continues to expand its locations
and services. The company plans to provide FBO services
from a newly refurbished 600 square-meter state-of-the art,
double-story facility at Riyadh's King Khalid International
Airport (KKIA) by the end of 2019, its 40th Anniversary
year in Saudi Arabia.

Newest Delta Sky Club Evokes Eclectic Austin
The newest Delta Sky Club and first at Austin-Bergstrom
International Airport is open for business on the mezzanine
level of the Barbara Jordan Terminal. This 9,000 sq. ft.
Delta Sky Club conveniently located near the Delta gates
* Covered sky deck, an outdoor patio that can be enjoyed
* Full-service bar that includes seasonal cocktails and wine,
selected by Delta's Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson,
which will be stored in a
temperat ure-control led
custom glass tower, along
with the Agave Experience
- an extensive selection of
tequila and mezcal that can
be sampled in individual pours
or tasting f lights - on the
premium bar menu


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