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* Beer to try from around Texas, like Thirsty Planet Thirsty
Goat, Hi Sign Violet the Blueberry Blonde and Saint
Arnold Fancy Lawnmower, and rotating, seasonal food
offerings inspired by the region, like handcrafted tacos
and barbecue dishes
* Unique, eclectic interior style inspired by Austin with
warm walnut surfaces, metal finishes and rich fabrics
* Select artwork from well-known and up-and-coming
artists with connections to Texas
* Comfortable seating areas, high-speed Wi-Fi and power
outlets at nearly every seat

a new holdroom area along with a connector corridor
between the new holdroom and the existing food court.
Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) services
were provided for the pre-security concourse, postsecurity connector, and the new holdrooms. The work
also included new restrooms and an employee screening
area; a new duct distribution system, ceilings, and lighting
system; and modernization of existing escalators. As part
of the ceiling renovation, a ceiling node was installed to
function as a wayfinding hub for passengers. The ceiling
map represents the Boston Harbor and the location of
Logan International Airport.

Jessica Naor Named Chief Operating Officer
of GrandView Aviation
GrandView Aviation, one of the most active light
jet charter operators in the US, has named longterm
head of marketing and sales, Jessica Naor,
as Chief Operating Officer.
Most recently Chief Marketing Officer
of the firm, Naor lead sales and marketing
efforts of the helicopter charter service
initially and lead the growth of the private
jet service from under $1 million in sales
in 2015 to over $10 million over a 3 year
period. She has been with the company
since 2010, beginning as a helicopter charter
sales coordinator.
Naor received her M a ster's i n Bu si ne s s
Administration from Johns Hopkins University
with concentrations in Management & Finance;
she completed her underg raduate deg ree in
Aviation Business Administration at Embry-Riddle
Aeronautical University. Additionally, she holds an
Associate's degree in Air Traffic Control and comes
from a family of aviators.

Kleinfelder Receives CMAA Project Achievement
Award for the Logan Airport Terminal B PostSecurity Concourse - Gates 37/38 to Food Court
At the CMAA-New England Chapter's 25th annual
awards luncheon, Kleinfelder was presented with a
Project Achievement Award for the Terminal B PostSecurity Concourse - Gates 37/38 to Food Court project
at Massport's Logan International Airport. Kleinfelder was
recognized for its excellence in engineering and architecture
on the $21 million, LEED
Gold Certif ied renovation
and modernization project.
The project connected
G at e s 37/3 8 of L og a n
I nt e r n a t ion a l A i r p or t's
Terminal B with the rest of
the Terminal's post-security
area. This required designing

Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority Board
of Directors Select Thomas J. Winston as
New President and CEO
The Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority
Board of Directors approved the appointment
of Thomas J. Winston as the new President
and CEO of the Port Authority effective
September 1, 2019. Thomas is currently serving
as the organization's Vice President,
Administration and Chief Financial
Thomas will succeed Paul L.
Toth, Jr., the Port Authority's
current President and CEO,
who announced his retirement
in September 2018. Paul has
been with the Port Authority for 32 years, serving as the
President and CEO since 2009.

Clear Channel Airports Receives Contract
Extension with Eppley Airfield
Clear Channel Airports (CCA)announced Omaha Airport
Authority's Eppley Airfield (OMA) awardedthem a new
three-year extension of its existing airport advertising
contract. Through this investment and a robust go-tomarket sales strategy, CCA nearly doubled the annual
revenue of the previous concessionaire during the course
of contract term.
Th is ex tension
marks CCA's second
major contract
announced in 2019,
following Philadelphia
International Airport
(PHL). It complements
15 wins in 2018 and 80
wins over the last five
years. CCA will install the new media upgrades in OMA
by Sept., 2019.



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Industry Update
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The Rise of Secondary Airports
Not Your Parents' Boarding Bridge
Find Success in Fuel Training
A Stream of New Revenue Management
Media Relations After an Accident: Are You Ready?
Airport Guru
Legal Matters
Product Focus
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