Airport_Business_November_2020 - 11

will get in line or, at a minimum,
ask you why you are in line.
No one wants to be left out, just
like gate huggers at our airports.
And, generally, that's OK.
However, the "Karens" and the
"Kens" of the world make it difficult
for all of us. Some people don't want
to comply, will not comply, or have
a burr in their bonnet about anyone
telling them what to do. People have
meltdowns over having to wear a
mask, limitations on what they
can buy, wearing shoes on planes,
wearing clothes on planes, reclining
in their seats, and even the window
shade position.
There are many barriers to
f lying today that relate to STDs.
If the common denominator is the
passengers wanting to "have it their
way," to borrow from old Burger
King commercials - incidentally,
Burger King abandoned the slogan
in 2014 - then perhaps we need a
Passenger Control Plan (PCP).
Part of the PCP can be the
i nt roduct ion of a Pa s senger
Compliance Device, or PCD. The
PCD can be a shock collar, an
electric ankle bracelet, or even a
passenger's smart device. Connected
to their Bluetooth enabled face mask,
the collar, bracelet or smart device
delivers a small electric charge when

the mask is not covering the nose "anything goes" time, we need to
and mouth.
consider implementing PCPs.
Come on, the TV Series Holey
4. An option is to deploy PCDs
Moley subjected golfers to mild
to our passengers
What's not to like? Sure, you can
electrical stimulus if they did not
make their putt correctly. If it's good
spend a lot of money doing other
for Rob Riggle, it's good for me. things, but those other things may
And these days, who doesn't enjoy
not prepare you for STD.
a stimulus?
That's it. That's the entire
content of the IBT's AC-5200. Feel
So, let's recap, shall we?
1. Our airports need to be
free to share it and use it.
The Institute of Bog gus Talk,
2. To get that way, both airports
rebuilding aviation one piece at a time. 
and airlines need to pass TST.
3. As an industr y in this




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