Airport_Business_November_2020 - 16

AUTHOR Erwin Zimmermann

Handle More Flights with
Less Capital Investment
THE COBUS Airside Bus is a purpose designed
vehicle specifically to move large groups of people
over relatively short distances. It is intended to
operate on airport tarmacs, on the AOA - Aircraft
Operating Areas. Uses of the COBUS include
shuttling passengers between the airport terminal
and aircraft parked away from the terminal gates
on hardstands.
The COBUS is used to move
passengers between terminals inside
the security zones thus eliminating the
need to go through airport security
multiple times when transferring from
one terminal to another.
Airports have found that by
implementing COBUS A irside
Buses into their planning, they can
accommodate more aircraft arrivals and
departures than they have physical gates
available. Parking aircraft on hardstands
away from the terminal building and
accessing the aircraft with mobile
stairs or ramps, the airport can increase
the number of f lights serving them.
Passengers ride in climate controlled,
secure COBUS buses for the short ride
between the aircraft and the terminal.

Airports have found that using
hardstands allows not only more flights,
but also a significant savings in both
time and cost to increase their daily
f light schedules. While the planning,
design and construction of additional
aircraft gates at the terminal can require
several years and millions of dollars, the
implementation of hardstand operations
can be inaugurated in several months.
The elimination of the physical
expansion of the terminal building
and the time savings factor is almost
incalculable. The cost of a hardstand
operation is a fraction of the cost of a
brick and mortar project.
Airside Bus has been specif ically
designed for the purpose of operating

on an airport ramp. The several models
available accommodate between 75 and
110 passengers. Entry to the bus is safe
and easy - just one short step up from
the ground through several double-wide
doors located on each side of the bus
onto a wide f lat f loor. The COBUS
is designed in accordance with the
parameters defined by IATA for airside
passenger buses.
The COBUS is constructed
almost entirely of aluminum, thereby
eliminating potential deterioration.
The body structure is warranted for
20 years - a feature not offered by any
other vehicle manufacturer. Motive
power is available to choice: ultra-low
emission diesel or fully electric, and
we are working on the potential for a
hydrogen powered COBUS. As airports
Several models available
accommodate between 75 and
110 passengers.




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