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Michael Welch
Michael Welch worked his way up from intern to general
manager, serving in a variety of roles at TAC Air, including
line service technician and line service manager. He was then
promoted to lead TAC Air-BDL as general manager and in
2020 moved to the general manager role at the TAC Air-APA
FBO at Centennial Airport.
" I really enjoy the interaction with people on both the
employee side as well as the customer side, " he said. " Every
day is a challenge and when I look back on the day, week,
month or year and see what our team has accomplished it is
the most rewarding experience. "
While general manager of TAC Air-BDL at Bradley
International Airport (BDL), Welch participated in the
Hometown: Buhl, ID
airport's fire foam committee to
Alma Mater: Westminster College
minimize environmental impact.
Because of his involvement on this
Fun fact about yourself: I enjoy riding and working on
committee, local FBOs were able
Dirt Bikes.
to apply for code modifications
Someone I look up to in the industry: I know it
to remove or not install foam fire
sounds trite, but in the industry I look up to our company's
suppression systems in hangars on
owner, Greg Arnold. He has tremendous leadership and has
a case by case basis.
built a privately owned company and team of people, who I
also look up to, to be a long-term major player in an industry
Welch substantially decreased
that is dominated by large publicly traded companies.
employee turnover at TAC Air-BDL
My favorite thing about aviation is: Just being in
and built a lasting service culture
the industry. Being around the airport and aircraft on a daily
where employees and customers
basis. It's fun to listen to people outside of the industry talk
could thrive.
about aviation and airplanes, knowing I get to live it every

" The biggest thing I take pride in when thinking about our
industry is the good done for the local communities it
serves, " he said. " From medical aircraft, to dog and animal
rescue transportation, to being a part of the growth for local
businesses and economy to thrive. When I read news articles
about new business or large events that drive economic
growth and know we were part of making it happen,
especially without most people knowing our role, it's just plain
rewarding. "
Welch was an early adopter through implementation of a
remote control tug. Introducing this technology into daily FBO
operations continues to advance safety margins and increases
efficiency with the ability to fit more aircraft into each hangar.
He is an active member of aviation industry organizations
including NBAA, AOPA and the Colorado Aviation Business
Association (CABA). Each year at TAC Air-APA, Welch helps
plan and host the Morgan Adams Concurs de Elegance
fundraiser. In addition, he took part in the Morgan Adams
Foundation Mentor for A Day program, where he hosted one
of the organization's survivors and showed him what it was
like to work at an FBO.
Welch has been involved with Make a Wish helping grant
wishes for several years and has volunteered his time to cook
dinner on several occasions at the Ronald McDonald House.

Michael Welch

A well deserved honor to a
great leader in the industry.
Congratulations on being
named to the 2020
Airport Business 40 Under 40.


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