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Edward W. Hart, RCDD
Edward Hart started his career at Arora Engineers as the
network administrator, but the allure of what his colleagues
were doing with aviation engineering began to grow on him. It
wasn't long before he made the move.
" I wound up at the engineering firm and it had nothing to do
with the aviation industry. Then once I got there and I started
really exploring and understanding what everybody was doing
there and having a technology background, I really want to
understand that a little bit better, " Hart said. " I became fond
of the engineering process and what everyone was doing
around me, especially in aviation, so I started to migrate into
an engineering role. "
Hometown: Tannersville, PA
Hart worked a duel role in
both IT and engineering until
Alma Mater: Drexel University
2010 when he gave up his IT
Fun fact about yourself: I'm not that fun. I shattered the
hardest bone to break in the human body, the femur, plus a
" Once I got into the engineering
broken fibula and torn ACL. I was skiing, and attempted a 720
(2 spins). I eventually got it the next season I was able ski, plus
side, I got my Registered
landed my first backflip.
Communications Distribution
Designer from BICSI and was
Someone I look up to in the industry: Jason Shevrin, PE
able to take over as the special
My favorite thing about aviation is: The ever-changing
systems discipline manager, "
environment and the ways that technology can affect a
Hart recounted. He has been in
traveler in a positive way. We strive to enhance the passenger's
the role ever since.
experience through technology, among other aspects and at
times finding an innovative solution can be a challenge. Then
As the special systems discipline
all the hard work pays off once you have found that proper

lead, Hart is responsible for providing oversight and direction
for Arora's special systems team, where he utilizes his training
and over 13 years of experience with information technology
systems and oversees multi-million-dollar network design
projects for clients and agencies across the nation. Hart holds
numerous professional certifications including Registered
Communications Distribution Designer, CompTIA Security+,
Digital Signage Certified Expert, and Crestron DigitalMedia
Certified Designer 4K.
Currently, Hart is providing expertise for the $1.2 billion
Newark Liberty International Airport Terminal One
Redevelopment Program. Hart is overseeing Arora's team of
special systems engineers responsible for design of the low
voltage, electronic video information displays, common use
systems, emergency mass notification, public address/audio
paging system, visual dispatch and docking guidance systems,
and visual paging.
His approach to systems integration led him to develop
highly specialized project specifications for Terminal One,
which facilitates communication between systems that have
seldom been required to communicate prior, in order to yield
an enhanced view of facility metrics and operations.
Hart said that while he enjoys the entire engineering process
from design to construction, it's seeing all the hard work pay
off in a completed project that is his favorite part.

Rethinking Infrastructure

Rising to the challenge.
Driven to develop design solutions to
meet the unique challenges the aviation
industry faces, Jason Shepherd has what it
takes to lead amid uncertainty. Congrats,
Jason, on being named one of Airport
Business Magazine's Top 40 Under 40.



Edward Hart, RCDD, DSCE
for being named to

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