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Keonnis Taylor Named Public Information
Manager for SJC
The city of San José named Keonnis Taylor as the new
public information manager for the Norman
Y. Mineta San José International Airport
(SJC). Taylor was selected following a
nationwide search by ADK Consulting
& Executive Search. She began her new
position on Aug. 24.
Prior to joining the SJC team, Taylor
spent five years as the spokesperson at Oakland
International Airport (OAK), where she
managed internal communications and media
relations. Taylor also served as community
relations liaison for the BART Oakland Airport Connector
project, has worked for the Alameda County Transportation
Improvement Authority (ACTIA), The Allen Group, as well
as Oakland-based advocacy organizations Comfort Homesake
and Communities for a Better Environment.

Boingo Launches First Airport-Wide Wi-Fi 6
Network at São Paulo/Guarulhos International
Boingo Wireless announced the deployment of the first
known airport-wide Wi-Fi 6 network at São Paulo/
Guarulhos International Airport (GRU). Boingo
designed, installed and manages the carrier grade Wi-Fi
6 network, which utilizes the most advanced 802.11ax
Wi-Fi technology and Passpoint to deliver passengers
incredibly fast speeds and low latency.
The Wi-Fi 6 deployment at GRU is designed to enhance
the experience of streaming and downloading movies, TV
shows, music, games and other content on the go, while
supporting online activities that include checking f light
and weather updates, and new health and safety protocols.
Subscribers of major telecom operators such as AT&T, Claro
and Oi can automatically and securely connect to the GRU
Wi-Fi 6 network.

Airport Dimensions Debuts in Qatar
Airport Dimensions launched its first non-traditional
lounge at Hamad International Airport
(HIA). This marks the launch of Airport
Dimensions' first premium lounge offer
in the Middle East.
Located at the heart of HIA's transit
area, the 225 square meter lounge features
a selection of sleep pods and cabins with
accommodation for up to 50 guests. Visitors
can pay by the hour to stay at one of the sleep
units, which provide a soundproofed and air-conditioned space
to relax and rest ahead of or between flights.

Ricky Smith Honored for Excellence in Business
Airports Council International-North America (ACINA) named Maryland Aviation Administration Executive
Director and CEO Ricky Smith the recipient of the 2020
ACI-NA Leon C. Watkins Guardian Award for Excellence
in Business Diversity
The new Guardian Award recognizes a business diversity
leader who has promoted the growth and evolution of
minority- and women-owned businesses and suppliers,
while also fostering the advancement of civil rights and equal
opportunities for all within the airport business environment.
Throughout his time in the airport industry, Smith founded
several outreach programs including Synergy, which requires
airport tenants, prime concessionaires, and professional service
providers to attend and negotiate partnering opportunities with
small and minority entrepreneurs. He also founded LaunchPad,
a program that allows women and minority-owned micro
businesses to open retail kiosks without initial investment.


Dirk-Jan Kanters Joins BagsID Network
Dirk-Jan "DJ" Kanters has joined BagsID Network as
vice president of business development and
global head of airlines. Previously with
Etihad Airlines in Abu Dhabi and KLM
Royal Dutch Airlines in the Netherlands,
where he served as baggage network manager
and operational baggage manager.
"We are on a mission to change the way
people travel and how airlines and airports
operate. It's a global innovation and we needed
someone with global experience," explained
Marlon van der Meer, founder and CEO of
BagsID Network. "With DJ's extensive background in baggage
handling for some of the world's most notable airlines, the
choice was easy. We look forward to his helping us propel
BagsID into every major hub in the world."

New Mural Debuts at San Diego International
The Arts Program at San Diego International Airport
(SAN) debuted the latest work of art in its Admiral Boland
Way mural series, Plein Air Port by local artist Aaron
The 144-footlong piece combines
imager y of San
D i e g o's v a r i e d
landscape and
u n iq ue a i r p o r t
architecture, blended with bold abstraction.
The work is scheduled to remain on display through 2021
and accessible to the public from SAN's interior roadway,
Admiral Boland Way, between Palm and Sassafras streets.


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