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Statistically Speaking...
BUILDING A path through the
pandemic isn't an easy task.
Creating it when the nation can't even determine
the exact impact or challenge at hand is making it
Trudging through the national crisis has tested
the limits of what the nation is willing to endure,
especially with the transportation system. Revenues
are down, directives are murky and the next steps are
being built as we try to climb out of this.
And just the whisper of a mask mandate on a
plane or at an airport creates such a rile within certain
consortia of the public it proves many are incapable
of meeting even the basic steps to curb the crisis.
The aviation challenge through all of this is well
known, but there's still a massive perception issue at
hand. Steadying or even mild increases in passenger
traffic at an airport lead to spikes in optimism in the
community. Optimism is important in a crisis, but
grasping at too short of straws are creating pillars of
confidence in some to prove the worst is behind us.
I recently was sent a survey stating that while
67 percent of the population is afraid to f ly in the
pandemic, only 23 percent are canceling their travel
plans. I can't wait to see who solves the passenger
experience conundrum for a traveling public mentally
wrestling with terror and boredom.

Plenty inside the industry are doing mental
gymnastics too. Some think we'll be back to business
come 2021. Others have already written off the whole
decade as a loss. Some predict golden days for the
airlines again soon, others predict consolidation.
Others have already written the obituary for
international service by U.S. carriers due in part to
other nations handling the crisis much better.
All of them make valid points, but everyone is
playing with the same deck of cards, so the variance
in results says to me the real answers is no one really
knows what's going to happen.
I think that's the most important perspective we
can keep right now. We don't know what tomorrow
holds with this crisis and we don't know how long
it will last. But what we do know there's a major
issue at hand and unless federal leadership steps to
the challenge now, the future of
aviation in the U.S. is going to
be even less unknown.
We get one chance to make
this right before the worst case
scenarios come to pass.
- Joe

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Airport Business

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