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Charter flights to such
vacation destinations offer
privacy, knowing and trusting
each of the small group of
passengers on an aircraft.

their jet in Standard Aviation's 24,000
square foot hangar and board their
yacht. Whether owned or chartered, the
private plane to mega-yacht connection
offers affluent travelers the opportunity
to still vacation with minimal risk allaround. These vacations at-sea provide
imperative stimulus dollars to the port
of embarkation, income for crews, along
with provisioning income at numerous
While these pricey travel options
are not within reach for most, they do
help stimulate tourism-based economies.
Airports, financially devastated by the
drop in commercial f lights since the
Coronavirus pandemic began, benefit
from landing fees accumulating on
the general aviation side. And while it
will not fill the void entirely, private
aviation sustaining numbers or only
seeing nominal drops presents airports'
opportunity to minimize layoffs
and remain financially sound until
commercial aviation recovers.
G e n e r a l av i a t io n h e l p i n g
commercial bridge the gap to normalcy
is especially real for isolated island
environments in the Caribbean, which
depend on visitors, some as independent
nations without financial backers. A
late October 2020 study by the travel
insurance company SquareMouth found
that Caribbean destinations ranked
highest for American travelers for the
first time. Year-over-year travel to
the U.S. Virgin Islands increased by a
compelling 207 percent.
Topping the list was the Turks and
Caicos, with an increase of 303 percent
in the SquareMouth study. According
to Provo Air Center, general aviation
traffic in 2020 increased over 2019. The

Air Elite FBO team saw approximately
20 percent more f lights in November
and 25 percent more in December.
The WINGX Dec. 15, COVID-19
impact report concurred, stating, " There
are some resilient spots, evident in highend leisure destinations, particularly
warm-weather resorts in the Caribbean. "
The Jan. 7 WINGX report solidified the
trend, summarizing holiday travel. " The
driver for the Christmas holiday surge
from the U.S. was clearly demand for
getaway locations. Flights from the U.S.
to Caribbean destinations saw a major
rebound in U.S. tourists. " WINGX
research cited arrivals into St. Maarten
up 15 percent; 32 percent growth to
Costa Rica; and almost 70 percent
growth in Antigua/Barbuda's f lights
versus December 2019.
Charter f lights to such vacation
destinations offer privacy, knowing
and trusting each of the small group
of passengers on an aircraft. They also
provide the opportunity to depart
on-demand versus awaiting a scheduled
commercial f light and continuing
potential COVID-19 exposure in
airports, restaurants, etc. Sharing the
air in the same confined commercial
aircraft with hundreds of unmasked
strangers may take years to be widely
accepted again. In turn, a new breed
of charter flight customers is adding to
the market.
Non-traditional private f light
options are emerging amid the
Coronavirus pandemic. SharedCharter
launched in October to connect charter
passengers with others interested in
extra seats according to the origination
location, planned destination(s), and
scheduled itinerary. Sites such as this one


put flying private within financial reach
for an expanding market of consumers.
In a December 2019 media
presentation put together by national
advocacy group No Plane No Gain,
it was cited that business aviation adds
$200 billion to the U.S. economy
annually - this group is sponsored
by the National Business Aviation
Association and the General Aviation
Manufacturers Association. Of the
5,000 public airports in the country,
commercial airlines serve fewer than
500 of them. General aviation passenger
f lights landing at smaller domestic
airports help support mail and cargo
services as well. Bringing more than
$2.5 million in economic stimulus to
the airport and community where it is
based, a single private jet facilitates jobs,
brings in tax dollars, and beyond. These
figures further illustrate how business
aviation benefits local economies and
communities, not just those on-board.
It is imperative for all involved to
remain hopeful for a swift recovery
industry-wide at this uncertain juncture
for aviation. The mass distribution of
COVID-19 vaccines will likely instigate
an aviation industry boom with the
potential to offset this period of hardship.
A positive case study for this is Royal
Jet Group in the United Arab Emirates
(UAE), another Air Elite property. A
representative shared in the Middle
East, confidence in travel has increased
since the vaccine's mass distribution has
started throughout the country, which
began in the fourth quarter of 2020.
In the Caribbean, markets shaken
by the sudden loss of visitors via cruise
ship and with a large gap in commercial
f lights benefit from private aviation
helping fill the void. Soon consumer
confidence will be fully restored, and
people worldwide will be more eager
than ever to travel. 



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