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user a lot more information on whether
an air handler is doing its job. They
can do quite a bit of troubleshooting
of the system before they dispatch
maintenance to a gate to fix a problem, "
said Landrum.
As with most projects, the team
came across some unexpected hurdles.
The largest unknown the team had to
tackle was the COVID-19 pandemic,
but even the impact of the virus came
with a small upside of speeding up the
construction phases.
" The program began taking
temperatures prior to anyone entering
the construction site, required the
wearing of face masks and physical
distancing while on the premises.
Constructing a new facility around an
operating facility created unique phasing
challenges, " said Wyatt.
" COVID impacted how the project
was phased due to reduced airline
traffic and trying to take advantage of
that reduction in the f light schedule.

Originally, the plan was to take down
one terminal at a time, transferring
aircraft to the new gates as they
demolished each section. The decline in
air travel made it possible for the existing
concourses to be demolished all at once.
So basically, it helped the team speed
up the phasing. However, additional
regional jet parking capacity was still
needed and required us to develop
temporary hardstand positions with
the SLC design team, " Brian Murphy
senior mechanical engineer, ASE, said.
As for future construction, the
design is complete for South Concourse
East and construction is now ongoing.
" The New SLC Redevelopment
Project is well underway in building
Phase II of the program. This entails
demolishing the existing airport to make
way for the east portion of Concourse A,
as well as building a Central Tunnel to
Concourse B. The airport is updating its
master plan, which references plans for
Concourse C in the future, " said Wyatt.

Each PCA plant
at SLC includes a
2,500 Ton-Hour
Thermal Storage
System to take
advantage of
electrical demand


" Additional gates are needed as soon
as possible for the future concourse, so
we're working with the design team to
phase the construction to open a few
of the gates a little early rather than all
at once when the building is complete, "
Murphy said.
For airports wondering if a PCA
system like the one designed for SLC
would work for them, Landrum noted, if
a system is serving only a few gates, then
DX units make sense. But as the number
of aircraft gates serviced increases, then
the efficiencies of a centralized PCA
system should be seriously considered
due to the long-term savings in energy
use and operating cost.
" Central systems do cost more
upfront, but the benefits add up over
time, especially now that we're putting
in redundancies on all pumps, and some
chillers. We're also utilizing thermal
storage for additional redundancy and
electrical demand shaving with the
ability to shift power costs to more
economical time of day rates, " Landrum
continued. " You just have more
sustainability and efficiency options
with central plant technology. "
Landrum noted that an airport
should always look at the overall life
cycle cost of the different types of PCA
equipment. Point of use units typically
have about 10 years of expected useful
life, and central PCA systems are at least
double that. " SLC took time to really
look at what made the most sense for
their airside system options early on
during the schematic design process. All
too often a quick decision focused solely
on the upfront cost is made regarding
how PCA will be implemented for an
airport. Although there is a significant
initial capital investment required for a
central PCA system, they usually pay for
themselves in a relatively short amount
of time through lower utility cost and
maintenance savings. By going Central
PCA, we are then able to achieve
other important certification elements
like a LEED Gold rating, as well as
qualifying for construction rebates like
the ones that were available from Rocky
Mountain Power's WattSmart program, "
Landrum added. 



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