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products. " We could very well be seeing
the death of traditional faucets in the
public bathroom, " he said.
Metered, touch-free faucets will
provide additional savings on water
usage as well. Many also include
data for operations such as usage,
which Dommisse said can save on
maintenance time.
Airports should also look at how to
keep bathrooms clean, well-maintained
and stocked in addition to the safety.
There also needs to be a very acute
awareness of social distancing parameters.
" Water on f loors, water on
countertops, where it used to be just
irritating and visually unpleasant, now
it almost looks like it's a poison, " he said.
" What's in that water? Who did that
water come from? It's a very heightened
sensitivity to it. "

Technology Meets New
The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky
International Airport (CVG) is using
bluetooth signaling off its restrooms
to determine how many customers
have gone into a facility. A threshold is
established for housekeeping staff to clean
the restrooms after so many people enter.
Losant, a Cincinnati-based start-up,
is the provider of CVG's sensor tech. The
airport connected the data f lows and
algorithms to wearable tech provided by
another local start-up, TaskWatch. The
watches location ID supports specific

alerts being directed to the nearest male
or female housekeeper to attend to the
gender-specific bathroom in need of
" There's a myriad of capabilities
within the watch, but ultimately, they
support driving quality assurances for
our customers and performance metrics
by staff, " Brian Cobb, chief innovation
officer for CVG said.
Housekeepers wear Samsung
watches that alert them when the
threshold is hit.
Staff clean a restroom after 50
people use it. Prior to COVID-19, it
was 100. Adam Daniel, vice president
of enterprise solutions for Losant, said
the system was initially designed and
implemented solely on the basis of
improved efficiency for housekeeping
crews. Since the pandemic started to
play out, the configuration in place
gave the airport the ability to adjust
the thresholds for cleaning, it helps limit
exposure to the cleaning crews and it
also alerts staff if people enter areas of
the terminal that are closed due to low
traffic. " They may put barriers in front
of bathrooms, but we were able to detect
when people snuck in and gave them an
indication they needed to clean an area
that wasn't expect, " he said.
CVG is in the process of integrating
sensors on its Georgia-Pacific fixtures.
The sensors are provided by GP and
can be integrated into Losant and
TaskWatch platforms via api. Cobb

said this enables activity-based decisions
down to specific stalls, sinks, towel units,
etc. on a macro level and preventative
maintenance needs on a micro-level.
On financial and sustainability levels,
the technology reduces the amount of
wasted paper that may have previously
been discarded; housekeeping staff
replacing a partially used roll/stack/
package with new to prevent running
out before they cycle back.
" Well past COVID, now you're
talking about asset management, " he
said. " We can all understand that the
bathroom that gets 1,000 visits per day
needs more maintenance than the one
getting 200 per day, so it helps create
strategy well past COVID. "
Since the pandemic started, there's
more discussion on doing a directional
count with the system Daniel said, so
they can enforce social distancing easier.
" Typically people are looking at ROI
or gaining efficiencies with solutions
around IoT and how can we reduce
cost or increase the productivity, " he
said. " Instead of just ROI, people are
thinking about safety more. "
CVG is now testing a new paint in
an employee bathroom. The paint is
mixed with graphine and limestone and
the molecular makeup is like barbwire
to COVID - it shreds the virus and
neutralizes it. It also shreds bacteria in
addition to viruses, which not only helps
from a health perspective but also odor
prevention. 



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