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Jonas Svoboda, Woolpert aerial
acquisition manager, noted that the
King Air 300 is easily maintainable and
versatile. It complements the firm's fleet
of 28 manned and unmanned aircraft and
supports its two dozen pilots.
" With the King Air, we can fly higher and faster when
necessary and slower and lower when necessary - and we
can get more mapping done per lift, " Svoboda said. " Being
able to support projects from any altitude, over land or over
water and around the world is essential to our operations. "

Nashville Airport Authority Chief Engineer
Named Government Engineer of the Year
Traci Holton, assistant vice president for development
and engineering at the Metropolitan Nashville
Airport Authority (MNAA), has been named
2020 Government Engineer of the Year by the
Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers'
Nashville Chapter.
Holton is a key member of the MNAA senior
leadership team who oversees the airport authority's
development and engineering division. Her role
includes overseeing the design and construction
of Nashville International Airport's $1.4 billion
expansion and renovation program, known as BNA
Vision, and the $50 million annual capital program for both
Nashville International and John C. Tune Airports.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Celebrates Centennial
Airport's New Admin Building
Centennial Airport held a ribbon-cutting
ceremony on Nov. 12 for the new aviation
community and administrative facility.
The building, dubbed " the hangar, " is the
new home of the Arapahoe County Public
Airport Authority and will be a place for the aviation
community to gather as soon as COVID-19 public health
restrictions permit.
" Unfortunately, the pandemic has thrown us for loop, "
said Airport Chief Executive Officer Robert Olislagers of the
inability to fully open the building to the public. " But much
like an aerial loop, we will come full circle and back to where
we started - and that's what this building is all about, and we
look forward to the time when we can gather in person and
share this milestone with our community. "

Sam Tso to Lead HDR's West Region
Transportation Program in the U.S.
HDR promoted Sam Tso, P.E., to serve as
West Region transportation director. As
director, Tso will be responsible for a region
that spans the western U.S. from Montana,
Utah and New Mexico to the Pacific coast,
as well as Alaska and Hawaii.
Backed by more than 40 years of experience,
Tso will provide strategic leadership for the
continued diversification of HDR's aviation,


t was sad to hear of Larry
Burian's passing. Larry contributed
significantly to help grow and unite the
general aviation industry during his 17
years at the leadership of NATA. While
we didn't always agree on everything,
NATA was a warm, inviting, almostfamily atmosphere during his tenure.
We have many fond memories of
great conventions where many
lasting friendships were made. Those
friendships and guidance gained from
our association with NATA have served
us well over the years.
Jeff Baum, president and CEO,
Wisconsin Aviation

Flight Training. " How many of you do
VA training? Show of hands? How
many of you have sold an airplane to
a VA student? " He had our undivided
attention. " If you devote your effort
to dentists and Indian chiefs, you will
build a base of customers that will last
for years. "
Burian was spot on, I went back home
and changed our marketing.
We also decided I needed to join NATA,
the organization headed by Burian.
Thus began a long relationship. Burian
led our organization out of some dark
Jim Hackman, Tempe, AZ



t was a shock to learn that Larry
Burian recently departed this
My introduction to Larry Burian was a
brief speech he gave in the winter of
1977 in Daytona Beach at ERAU. Burian
spoke about Veterans Administration

head of Montgomery Aviation and
Huntsville Aviation, (both in Alabama)
arranged for me to speak to a regional
group of aviators. I had five minutes.
Fortunately, it went well.
Afterwards, out of the crowd came
Larry Burian, leader of NATA, who said
he wanted me to speak for NATA. Larry
booked me many, many times. AOPA
noticed and also booked me often.
Years later, when the prime interest
rate reached over 20%, it became very
difficult to sell airplanes. I decided to
see if I could sell speeches. Thanks to
Burian, I could. Then I was hired to write
for the magazine that became Airport
Business. That helped me book even
arry Burian has departed this
more aviation groups. And it all started
with Larry Burian.
Back in the late 1970s, I was selling
Ralph Hood, Erwin, TN
airplanes. I also began making
speeches locally - for the fun of it
ack in Larry Burian's reign at
and because it helped me meet people
NATA, there was a non-voting
who might buy airplanes. Bob Hudgens, seat on the board of directors for a




The following letters to the editor were submitted in recognition of the death of
former NATA President Larry Burian, who passed away in December.

representative from the " supply side "
of the industry. I was honored to
serve in that position as the founding
publisher of a magazine titled FBO,
which we expanded to today's
Airport Business. I don't know if that
position still exists, but it provided me
an opportunity to work with Larry.
He was resourceful, unifying and
fun. It was fascinating to see him in
action. Always politically correct, he
was a master at practicing the art of
association management and politics.
I was very sorry to hear of his death.
Mike Murrell
president/partner, Lakewood
Media Group

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