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All bags are tracked with RFID tags on the CrisBag System,
so it's quicker to identify if a bag becomes missing along the
The integration of an Explosives Detection System (EDS) makes
CrisBag the first system to be certified by the Transportation
Security Administration (TSA) for in-tote baggage security
hand-in-hand with Hensel Phelps in the
design build teams from day one. "
SFO is currently the only airport
and delivered to the inbound system
infeed and the tug returns with the
outbound baggage for a different flight.
The totes from the make-up area are
returned to the main terminal building
carrying the arrival bags. This optimizes
system operation and increases capacity
by avoiding circulating empty totes.
The CrisBag System was chosen as
part of the Harvey Milk Terminal at
SFO, which replaced the old Terminal 1.
The airport built the baggage handling
system and leased it back to the airlines
so it's just one system.
" The nicest thing about this project
was it was a design-build project where
we were brought on at the same time
as the building designers, " Delaney
said. " It wasn't like a situation where
we were given a set of prints that we
had to comply with. We were working
in the U.S. that currently is completely
certified to have bags travel in totes
throughout the entire screening process,
including when additional screening is
" What's quite unique about our
system in San Francisco is the operators
can open the bag while it's still in the
tote, " Delaney said. " In conventional
systems they have to drag the bag off of
a conveyor belt onto a table. You have to
inspect it on the table. Then they have to
manually push it back onto a conveyor
belt. The TSA has had a number of
workplace injuries from lifting these
60-70 pound bags. "
The system went online in April
2020, with the TSA able to test the
system just before shelter in place
orders took effect in the San Francisco
Bay Area. The system is operational. It's
tested it signed off by TSA and airlines
are using it while the second phase of
the building is complete.
" Though the system came online in
April 2020 with reduced bag volumes,
the total benefit has yet to be realized
but efficiencies are still occurring, "
McCarthy said. " Traceability of each
bag is a huge benefit to airline and
airport operations. Reduced tug traffic
for outbound/inbound bags with a head
of stand road has been realized and will
only grow as volume returns. Since
the touch points of the system are the
same, the challenges are minimal and
mostly ensure the ramp operators know
where the outbound and inbound bags
are going. "
Delaney said they can also do virtual
testing of the system. The tester gets
the system to believe there's a bag on
it, so it'll go through screening. It'll
get a screening result and will sort the
virtual bag.
" Other projects that we've done,
we've had to put 2,000,000 bags through
the system to prove that it works, " he
said. " You have to have humans loading
and unloading 2,000,000 bags from that
system tagging them and moving them " .


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FBOs Make a Strong Case for Increasing Charter, Flightschool Business, Other Service Offerings
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New Technology Takes Control of Baggage Systems
Innovating Airport Operations
TAC Air Expands and Improves in Amarillo
PFAS-Contaminated Drinking Water: A Growing Concern for Airports
Airports by the Thousands
Satellites Have the Power to Transform the Aviation Industry
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