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suggestions for the stakeholders to
improve the processes.
One of the challenges airports
have is they own and operate large
scale baggage handling systems and
many stakeholders, like the airlines,
the ground handlers and the passengers
depend on a great performance of the
baggage handling system, Nabli said.
There has been a traditional conflict
between stakeholders due to a lack of
transparency of the data related to the
baggage process. On top of that every
stakeholder sets its own priority to
manage baggage operations.
" There has been an ongoing debate
about whose fault is it when bags arrive
late to the arrival carousel; whose fault
is it if the queuing time on a checkin
is too long; whether the airport
has sufficient capacity to meet the
demand and it's not easy to pinpoint
because there are multiple stakeholders
involved in each process step, " he said.
" The benefit of deploying this type
of technology is you provide a single
point of truth for all stakeholders. You
have the same view about your baggage
process, baggage resources, delays and
any opportunity for optimization along
the process. "
The system utilizes advanced AI and
machine learning algorithms to detect
patterns and build models to forecast the
operations up to 24 hours in advance.
This benefits all stakeholders as it
allows them to incorporate all available
information and profit from proactive
collaboration, reliable predictions,
Baggage 360
provides technical
interfaces to allow
all stakeholders
in the baggage
handling process to
access information
between each level.
recommendations to handle their part
of the process in this highly dynamic
Traditional processes have a
shortcoming when things don't go as
planned. Any operational disruption
or even weather-related delays can't be
incorporated into planning. The new
process involves a real-time feedback
loop, which provides the airport with
the capability to react to changes in a
more agile and coordinated manner.
Baggage 360 analyzes the impact of
any changes in flight schedules, parking
positions or resource availability and
provides a proactive view to stakeholders
so they can adjust operations to meet the
new demands.
" Each stakeholder is informed
about the anticipated changes, the
predicted impact and recommended
actions so they can adjust their airport
operations and provide a great passenger
experience, " Nabli said.
Baggage 360 requires Siemens
prov ided tra in ing and lit t le
infrastructure investment. It's provided
via Siemens cloud services and is system
independent, so it integrates with all
types of baggage handling systems.
Before investing in a software
solution like Baggage 360, Nabli said
airport managers should consider their
airport's baggage handling success rate
and how on-time performance is related
to the baggage handling system. Larger
hubs should examine connection times
and what payoffs could be gained to
lessen the time.
" If there's a clear need or they want
to improve baggage handling KPIs
digital solutions could bring a large
benefit, " he said.
Air Black Box recently introduced
its new ThruBag system, which provides
a software solution to allow efficient
transfer of baggage between airlines.
Patrick Edmond, chief commercial
officer of Air Black Box, said the rise
in low cost carriers has created new
market where passengers are opting to
self-interline their flights in order to get
lower costs or better schedules on flying.
However, it created an environment
where these passenger had to leave the
terminal, collect their baggage and
recheck it before entering the gate area
ThruBag allows them to check their
bag once at the origin airport and collect
it when they get to their destination.
" Even if you're on two separate
Siemens' baggage and airport operations software Baggage
360 supports all aspects of baggage logistics and operations
in airports.
tickets, you check your bag in at the
first airport, the ThruBag system takes
care of it being transferred through your
through airport, " he said. " You don't
even need to do anything and you pick
it up at your destination airport like you
would on a legacy airline. "
Edmond said the solution is very
attractive to network airlines because


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