July-August_2021 - 23

innovation in this region and I think
through COVID, a lot of companies
are pivoting and will be putting more
emphasis in this area. And so, through
that, we're seeing that there's more and
more interest in working with us in
partnership, " she said.
A question DuJohn said she gets
often about the Innovation Hub is
whether or not it is a physical space,
such as a room or building, but she
says they haven't limited the Hub to a
specific area.
" It's the whole airport that we
consider an innovation platform, in
addition to the airport's digital twin.
So, we haven't limited to a particular
place. We do see over time having
facilitates where people can physically
come together to have conversations or
try things out, " she said.
Digital Twinning
While still early in the Innovation Hub
@YVR's life, DuJohn said the airport is
already seeing the benefits of it from the
work that GeoSims Cities and Unity are
doing with the airport's digital twin - as
well as BCIT's IoT sensor project.
" With the digital
twin, we're
already seeing that we're developing
some situational awareness tools. So,
we have feeds that help us understand
how passengers are moving through the
airport and as COVID volumes come
up...we're able to model all of those
passenger flows as the traffic picks up.
That is just one example in our airport
operations where the digital twin has
really helped us, " she said.
Unity's heritage is based in video
games, primarily as part of a game's
engine. However, as Tim Wong, lead,
industry solutions, of Unity described,
the company is expanding their
capabilities and know-how into more
industrial solutions.
" That
automot ive,
t ranspor t at ion, manufactur ing,
architecture, engineering, construction,
et cetera. So, really looking at how we
can take the real-time 3D platform
that we have and the scale of all these
different solutions. My team is focused
on working with customers like the
Vancouver International Airport to
build these kinds of custom solutions
using these platforms, " Wong continued.
Situated between two arms of the Fraser River and the ocean,
YVR must conduct routine water monitoring which will soon
be automated by the BCIT and their student's IoT Sensors.
Unity and YVR have had a
relationship for some time through
work the two have done together in
the past and more generally through
the local business community. With
the Innovation Hub and YVR's shift
in leadership, putting more importance
on the digital world, the digital twin
project started in November 2020.
" When COVID hit and limited
passengers coming in, YVR had the
capacity to look at how can they use
technologies like digital twins to change
their operations and be able to drive
business decisions using these types of
technologies. They invited us to come in
initially to do kind of these envisioning
sessions with other business partners as
well, and to just really ideate what can
we do together, " Wong said.
A digital twin is not just a digital
representation of a physical space, but
a digital representation, whether 2D or
3D, that is connected to right time data
and right time being.
" It's not necessarily real-time in an
instance, but it's the right time that
allows you to make business decisions.
Then the last thing is that a digital
twin also allows you to be able to drive
decision-making, " Wong said.
Conversations around the digital
twin began with a series of design
thinking session with different business
groups and airport operations teams
to understand YVR's core business
" What are they seeing that can
be improved with real-time 3D
technology? From there we put together
a plan, what are some low hanging fruits
that we can work on together with
them? Is there a kind of a need to help
them build their internal capabilities
as well, so that they could continue to
take this and continue to build different
features on top of that, " Wong said.
What they landed on was creating
a situational awareness tool with
the digital twin, which has been the
main area of focus with the project -
becoming aware of where passengers
are, where the patchy densities are and
understanding potential impacts to
passenger flow so that YVR can make
decisions that will improve their service
levels, Wong said.
" It was very clear that they needed
a baseline. So, where we started was
ensuring that we work closely with their
CAD and their architecture team to
ensure that we have the latest data, the
latest information on their buildings and
facility. From there we ingested all those
different types of data into Unity so that
we can begin building the different
visualizations to model what's actually
going on in the airport, " Wong said.
YVR's twin exists in both 2D and
3D and is supplied with data from
YVR's data team to ensure it has the
latest information. This ensures that the
model itself is intelligent and it's supplied
with a sufficient meta data to represent
what's actually happening at the airport
Wong said that the YVR is doing
some exciting things - such as no longer
viewing the airport as just a building,
but how it facilitates the movement of
people, commerce and ideas.
" They really do want to kind of have
this foundational digital twin platform
that they can then take and work with


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