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canals around the airports so that we
understand what happens when there's
a high tide, what happens when there's
a lot of water coming down the Fraser,
are we having any problems draining
off anywhere, " Bassan said.
The students at BCIT will be
heading out to the airport to begin work
in September during their first semester.
Bassan said that due to the COVID-19
Pandemic, he imagines that the first
semester may be slow going with first IoT
sensor prototypes being installed at the
airport in the student's second semester.
" We'll have students continuously
come into it and be a team of between
10 and 15 different students from different
areas. So, we're going to have students
from engineering because we need to take
care of making sure that these sensors are
protected in a dirty water canal. There's
a tide that goes up about two yards there
so how do you handle all the mechanical
aspects of deploying a sensor into that
environment? We are going to have, of
course, students from computing and from
cloud looking at the sensors themselves,
getting the data up into the cloud. How
do you get all the communication out
into a cloud? There's no Wi-Fi out there
so how are they going to solve all those
different areas, " Bassan described.
At the end of the project, Bassan said
that YVR will have a dashboard where
they can see all the information that the
IoT sensors are picking up.
" You can actually see the information
and have some analytics behind it so that
we can actually analyze the information
and get feedback. What happens if you
see a rise in oxygen and a canal and it's
high tide there. Is there any correlation.
There's a lot of research that's going to
go into this later on to analyze the data
that we collect, " Bassan said.
Bassan said that he thinks that the
project will take up to two years to
complete. In that time, though, what
he says will be the real benefit to YVR,
is the ideas that the students will be
bringing to the table.
" If you bring a brand new idea into
a room full of experts, they'll shoot it
down. Each one is being there they're
all skeptic, 'No, it won't work.' 'No.
We've tried something like it.' There's
this bank of knowledge which is often
used to kill an idea before it's even
2108AIRB_Arora.indd 1
Arora ATLAS Inspect
Arora ATLAS Supply
7/27/21 9:37 AM
" The Spirit of Haida Gwaii: The Jade Canoe " - inspired by
nineteenth-century miniature canoes carved in argillite, and
often referred to as YVR's heart.
explored. And what happens with these
kids, they don't have all the expertise
and they don't shoot the idea down and
they follow it and suddenly you discover
that actually, if you twist this little idea
that everybody was shooting down, if
you take it a little to the right suddenly,
'Oh that might work,' " Bassan said.
" So that's something which I find
is really, really key if you want to
encourage innovation, sometimes you
need to ignore the experts. " 
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Airports by the Thousands
Satellites Have the Power to Transform the Aviation Industry
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