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aeronautical geospatial information, is a frequent industry
conference panelist, and has authored numerous conference
presentations and peer-reviewed papers. He is a past recipient
of the Turning Goals into Reality Award for his work on
NASA's Runway Incursion Prevention System.
HSS Announces Christopher Hopkins, C.M. As
Vice President Of Aviation And Government
Christopher Hopkins, C.M. has been named
vice president of aviation and government
services for HSS. In this position, Hopkins
will be responsible for providing leadership
and growing the aviation and government
services section of HSS to increase contracts
and personnel; develop methods and means
to build and strengthen name recognition for
HSS in the industry; and provide industry
subject matter expertise in day-to-day
operations. He began his new position on June 7.
Hopkins brings more than 20 years of industry experience
in aviation, security, business finance, contract negotiations and
public safety. Most recently, he worked for Falken Dynamix
Corp. as chief business officer and chief operating officer.
Previously he was chief operating officer for Wings Over the
Rockies - Exploration of Flight. Hopkins has also worked for
and owned security businesses for more than 10 years.
" I am excited about the opportunity to work with the
professional HSS teams to lead the expansion of their security
product to more airports and government facilities, " said
Hopkins. " Since the creation of HSS in 1967, the company
has enjoyed a solid reputation in the security community. In
2021 and the future, look for the HSS brand to support airports
across the United States and beyond. "
Ford Airport's Terminal Apron Reconstruction
and Expansion Project Receives ASCE
Outstanding Civil Engineering Certificate of Merit
The Gerald R. Ford International Airport's terminal apron
reconstruction and expansion project has received the
American Society of Civil Engineers Michigan Section's
outstanding civil engineering certificate of merit.
The Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement award
is given to projects that demonstrate the highest level of
engineering skill. Specific attention is given to innovations
in materials, technology and construction methods as well as
contributions to the well-being of people and communities.
This is the third award for the Ford Airport's terminal
apron reconstruction and expansion project, which previously
earned the American Council of Engineering Companies'
2021 Engineering Merit Award and a 2020 Michigan Concrete
Association Award of Excellence.
Kaley Skantz Joins Oakland International
Airport as Airport Spokesperson
Kaley Skantz has been named Aviation Senior
Marketing and Communications Representative
effective June 15. She will
be the chief spokesperson
for the airport representing
the Port of Oakland and
Oakland Internat ional
Airport to the media.
In her new role within
the airport market ing
commun ica t ion s
team, Skantz will assist
in managing Oakland
International Airport's public relations programs,
handling news media inquiries and preparing press
releases as well as online publications.
" Kaley is coming to the airport at a very exciting
time, " said Bryant L. Francis, Port of Oakland Director
of Aviation. " As business is picking up, we intend to
widen the aperture of our public communications. Kaley's
aviation expertise and experience makes her well suited
for this important role. "
Miami International Airport Selects Rosenbauer
Rosenbauer started the year off strong with the delivery
of the 2000th Panther to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood
International Airport (FLL) located in southeast Florida.
The airport purchased two new Rosenbauer 6x6 Panthers
with extendable turrets. These new Panther units joined a
2015 Panther 6x6 with extendable turret that was already
in service, and now, the airport has an entire frontline
fleet of Panther ARFF apparatus. The airport is protected
by the Broward County Sheriff's Office Fire Rescue
Division, which held a fire department's traditional
" push back " ceremony to commemorate placing the new
Panthers in-service.
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FBOs Make a Strong Case for Increasing Charter, Flightschool Business, Other Service Offerings
Legal Matters
New Technology Takes Control of Baggage Systems
Innovating Airport Operations
TAC Air Expands and Improves in Amarillo
PFAS-Contaminated Drinking Water: A Growing Concern for Airports
Airports by the Thousands
Satellites Have the Power to Transform the Aviation Industry
Product Focus
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