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Located just south of FLL is Miami International Airport
(MIA), which is protected by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue.
Rosenbauer ARFF units have been protecting MIA since
2011, and the airport now has a package of Airwolf units, a
Panther 4x4, and a Panther 6x6 as their entire frontline ARFF
fleet. The airport will be taking delivery of two new Panther
6x6 extendable turret trucks this summer, which will be their
first new-style Panther units to join the team. They have also
just placed an order for another Airwolf and Panther 6x6 with
extendable turret that will be delivered in 2021.
progressed in rank to project design,
project management, construction
services, office manager, firm principal
and associate vice president. He brings
years of experience and expertise with
Air Carrier (Part 139) and general
aviation airports
southeastern U.S., including Alabama,
Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee,
Louisiana, North and South Carolina
and Florida, in addition to many years of
experience and relationships through his work with supporting
consulting firms, contractors, the FAA Southern Region, state
departments of transportation and aeronautical agencies and
local municipalities.
Avflight Mesa Opens New Facility
Avflight Corporation announced the opening of its new
facility at Falcon Field Airport in Mesa, Ariz.
Avflight Mesa cut the ribbon on the facility at the end of
June while hosting the Arizona Business Aviation Association's
in-person meeting.
The development includes a 5,000-square-foot FBO
terminal, more than 500 square feet of leasable office space
and 11,000 square feet of hangar space with plans to expand
to accommodate a growing customer base at the Mesa airport.
Industry Veterans Join Goodwyn Mills Cawood
in Augusta
Goodwyn Mills Cawood (GMC) announced aviation
manager Jeffrey A. (Jeff) Hester and senior planner Glenn
Coyne, FAICP, have joined the firm in Augusta, Ga.
Hester brings to GMC a 33-year career in the field of
transportation engineering, primarily focused on aviation and
business leadership. As aviation manager, he will be responsible
for departmental growth, project oversight, management and
strategic plan development for aviation clients throughout
Georgia. Hester's work experience includes a cross section of
consulting firms ranging from small staffed firms to an ENR
Top 20 Firm of more than 4,000 employees with numerous
offices domestic and internationally,
providing him a diverse and resourceful
perspective and background. He was
named " Employee of the Year (Southern
Region) " at his prior firm in recognition
of his exceptional work ethic and service
to his clients, projects and team of
Beginning his aviation career as a
board draftsman and designer, Hester
Oshkosh Airport Products and Pierce
Manufacturing Introduce the Volterra Platform
of Electric Vehicles
Oshkosh Corporation Fire & Emergency segment, including
Oshkosh Airport Products, Pierce Manufacturing and
Frontline Communications introduced Volterra platform
of electric vehicles for the fire and emergency market.
In recent years, airports worldwide have made green
initiatives an integral priority, compelling fire departments
to seek environmentally-conscious fire apparatus that reduce
emissions, minimize fuel consumption, and produce less noise.
" Category leading innovations, grounded with direct
input from our customers, is a hallmark of each of the brands
in the Oshkosh Fire & Emergency Segment. It's all about
serving the needs of first responders, " said Jim Johnson,
Oshkosh Corporation executive vice president and president
of Fire & Emergency. " Our electric vehicles designed around
Oshkosh proprietary and patented technology will provide
the environmental benefits fire departments request, without
having to compromise on the leading-edge operational
performance, functionality, safety attributes, customization,
and the traditional configurations and styling customers expect
from our fire apparatus. "
Based on Oshkosh proprietary technology, the new Striker
Volterra performance Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting
(ARFF) hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) has been developed
to meet the growing emergency response and environmentallyconscious
needs among airports of all sizes.
Available on the 4x4 and 6x6 chassis platforms, the
Striker Volterra performance hybrid delivers unmatched
chassis performance, advanced safety systems, innovative
fire suppression technology, and unsurpassed reliability and
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