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TAC Air-DAL workers securing the nose wheel for tow.

retires - realizing once he or she is gone,
nobody now knows how that employee
did that job.
It all adds up to a lot of risk for an
" All of that f lows up into your
culture. What is the culture of your
organization? How do things function
from a change management perspective?
Now you have a real issue. Let's say you
want to do something differently. If you
don't know how you're actually doing it,
or why it's happening, or what's driving
existing processes, it becomes nearly
impossible to make improvements, "
says France.

Learning What You
If tribal knowledge is understood
to be the unwritten rules and norms
between employees, then getting
that information down on paper and
standardized is a critical first step to

A TAC Air-DAL employee attaches a ramp tow bar.

getting an organization back in line.
It's all about documentation said Bob
Schick, director of operations support,
TAC Air.
" Document it, document it and
document it, " emphasized Schick. " If
it's written down then everyone in the
process has the same recipe for success.
If the recipe needs to be changed, that
change is institutionalized for the next
employee coming into the organization. "
Schick noted that tribal knowledge
is not always a negative, with experience
and lessons learned being turned into
efficiency and future success by an
" The benefit of this knowledge is
that the organization can operate at
optimum levels because the seasoned
workers know the task, " Schick added.
" The advantage of tribal knowledge
in training is that it's usually how the
job really gets done including all the
shortcuts that the trainer has learned
along the way. "
Schick said that rarely, though,
is that information passed onto the
next generation correctly, resulting in
repeating mistakes from the past, which
the organization thought were already
put to rest.
For this reason, the need to have
processes documented and checked
against industry-standard training and
safety protocols becomes crucial.
" Check what they know and do
against the written standard. Audit
what they are doing for accuracy and
compliance and then evaluate if that
process is really getting the job done as
intended, " added Schick.
Checking against industry standards
is one step, with the other being ongoing
instruction, added Clark.
" I always encourage FBOs to guard
against incorrect tribal knowledge by
committing to ongoing education and
training. They need to be willing to
constantly learn and recognize that
ongoing education is a critical part of
the job, " Clark said.
To get team members onboard with
continual education and training and
to make individuals eager to share the
knowledge they have, France said an




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