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to the facility, but they didn't need to
add additional infrastructure.
Eagle County also added its own
design to bring Colorado f lair to the
terminal. Doney said they plan to add
art to the terminal and the design has a
modern western look.
The public address system is also
being addressed with the updates to
improve announcement quality.
Eagle County Airport faced limited
connectivity issues with its Wi-Fi. Doney
said the airport's IT department worked
to build up infrastructure needs within
the terminal to improve the service.
"We really didn't have the capacity
for Wi-Fi in the old facility," she said.
"We didn't have enough units and for the
demand we had we just weren't
hitting the mark."

Make concessions
The advent of mobile technology
has opened a new avenue for
building a better passenger
PJ Mastracchio, founder and
CEO of AtYourGate, which
allows anyone inside an airport
to order food and retail items via
continues to
an app on their mobile phone
see growth
and have it delivered to their gate,
in usage as it
said more than 25,000 deliveries
brings more
have taken place with it in just
airports online the last couple of years.
to its product.
While the traditional "gate
huggers" can sit at their gate
and order food without having
to leave the area, it also allows
more accessibility to options travelers
might want to buy. At Newark Liberty
International Airport, Mastracchio said
the top selling brand is Jersey Mike's
Subs, which is located in Terminal A.
However, about 95 percent of the orders
got to Terminals B and C.
"The reason being either these folks
don't know there's a Jersey Mike's there,
or they know it's there and they want
it, but they're not going to go back two
terminals just to pick up a sandwich," he
said. "It gives them more choice and it
gives them a little bit more control over
the situation."
At San Diego International Airport
,JetBlue will contact AtYourGate when
there's a delayed f light, so someone is

dispatched to the area and the gate agent
informs people to download the app.
"Usually eight to 10 people order first,
then we board the plane, you ring your
call button and I bring you pad thai,"
Mastracchio said. "[W]e've served almost
40 people on a 148 seat plane."
The technology is also leading to
more sales. Mastracchio said the Panda
Express location at San Diego alone saw
more than a 6 percent increase in sales.
At Your Gate has since expanded
into John F. Kennedy International
Airport, LaGuardia International Airport,
Minneapolis-St. Paul International
Airport and Portland International
The concept is also viable at smaller
airports. Mastracchio said the app first
launched in Terminal 7 at JFK, which
sees about 2.5 million passengers per year.
The numbers are trending higher in the
terminal than at other locations where it
was implemented across the entire airport.
"You don't need to staff a ton of
people there," he said. "This is a labor
heavy business but with one person you
can handle six to 10 orders per hour."

SFO brings the lounge
feel to the gate
Carsten Voecker, a director of Woods
Bagot North America, who was one
of the design team executives for the
Harvey Milk Terminal, said the airport
with focused design vision exercises and
and by engaging with all the stakeholders
and consultants to develop the big idea,
understand the right mix of retail, food
and beverage, and hold room space.
"It was really about revolutionizing
the guest experience and maybe even
bringing back the romance of travel
into the terminal environment," he said.
Voecker said the first nine gates of
the new terminal will open in July and
airlines will be moved to the new gates


Lounge style seating inside the
new Harvey Milk Terminal at San
Francisco International Airport
is designed to build a sense of
comfort inside the airport instead
of a traditional gate hold area.

Voecker said SFO officials went at
the project looking at a base building
and focusing on the right mix of
environmental qualities, sustainability,
materiality and customer focus on the
interior of the facility.
"You focus on daylighting and
artificial lighting designs, anticipating
people's behaviors and designing
together with SFO's Stakeholders
towards improvements of the passenger
experience. Important to the team was
also to develop a sense of place, making
people feel that they have arrived in the
Bay Area. and you focus a lot on the
restroom designs, which are generous and
comfortable" he said. "The materiality
rivals five-star hotel environments."
Kristen Allen, project manager for
San Francisco International Airport, said
project leaders looked at best practices
both internally and externally to
determine what kinds of updates would
enhance the passenger experience. This
included looking at ASQ scores.
"We had a graphic that someone put
together back in the beginning on hi-tech
vs. hi-touch passengers and being able to
bridge that whole spectrum of folks who
don't want to talk to anybody and what
to do everything on their phone to the
people who want that human interaction
and trying to find that balance to have
those offerings for that whole spectrum
of guests," she said. One of the things we
focused on early on in our programming
and design vision." 

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