Airport Business - 10

newest tenant at the airport. Crosswinds is partnering
with the Genesee Career Institute to offer a high school
f light program to Genesee County students. Roughly 30
students started the High School Flight Program.
The U.S. is facing a serious shortage of airline pilots which
has and continues to impact
regional airports like Flint
Bishop. "We are in need of
young aspiring aviators and we
are very hopeful Crosswinds
Av iat ion w i l l help spu r
excitement in our region about
aviation career opportunities,"
said Nino Sapone, interim
airport director.
The students will have an
introduction to many aspects
of the industry along with 10
hours of free simulator time and computer-based ground
training. Matt and Andrea Dahline own and operate
Crosswinds which has two other locations in the state. Their
high school program is one of few like it.
"Usually about 50 percent of the students actually pursue
aviation careers. And many of them wouldn't have otherwise
been exposed to aviation," Matt Dahline said.

LATAM Airlines Announces New CEO
LATAM Airlines Group announced that its CEO, Enrique
Cueto Plaza, will step down from his role
on March 31, after 25 years. The position
will be assumed by the group's current
Chief Commercial Officer Roberto Alvo
"We've made this announcement at a time
of solidity and stability for the company.
We offer unrivalled connectivity in the
region and with the world. We are one of
the world's most punctual airlines, we offer
a service that is recognized by millions of
our customers and we have considerably strengthened our
financial position,"said Ignacio Cueto, president of LATAM
Airlines Group.
"We are confident that with Roberto's leadership and
extensive knowledge we will reach new heights, maintaining
the preference of over 70 million passengers that f ly with us
each year and helping us to become one of the world's most
admired airlines," added Cueto.
At the same time, he thanked current CEO, Enrique
Cueto, for his vision and leadership that has brought the
Latin American airline group global recognition.


Marshall Retail Group Announces the Opening of
"The Well" at Sacramento International Airport
Marshall Retail Group (MRG)
introduced The Wel l - The
com p a ny's ne we s t conc e pt
featuring locally sourced artisanal
g ifts in a hydrat ion-focused
environment, located in Terminal
A at Sacramento International Airport (SMF).
The Well is the self-serve Water Bar offering guests an
unparalleled hydration experience that connects them to
people and the planet. Emerging drinkware company's
que and CAUS offer convenient and stylish alternatives to
disposable bottles while promoting positive change in the
community through nonprofit support and environmental
"The Well connects travelers at SMF to exceptional taste
experiences offered by Northern California's most loved
and well-known artisans," said Michael C. Wilkins, CEO
of MRG. "MRG is proud to bring a local f lavor into the
airport environment enriching the traveler's journey."

Executive Terminal at McKinney National
Airport Goes Vertical
Western has begun steel erection on the 17,000 square
foot fixed-base operations executive terminal at the
McKinney National Airport. The terminal is part of
a public-private partnership project that also includes
a 40,000 square foot transient hangar and associated
parking lots. After receiving notice to proceed by the
city of McKinney on Aug. 20, to upgrade the exterior
facade of the building, updated permit drawings have
been submitted and approved, the concrete slab on
grade has been cast and the structural steel of the
building is now going vertical. The project team is
working on an accelerated schedule and anticipates
having construction completed by the end of the
calendar year.
"These added features will bring the look and feel
to the airport that we need to attract more clientele
to our airfield," said Airport Director Ken Carley.

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