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needs are, what kinds of services you're
expecting in the future, those are all
things that anyone should take a moment
and really discuss it with your leadership
team," Spino said. "Everybody has a
certain point of view, so you get into
a room with your leadership team and
evaluate what our end goal is and it really
lines things up for the organization."
Wicks said to consider the scope
of work you want to undertake when
bidding for a parking operator. They can
provide additional services and manage
areas like ground transportation or TNC
and taxi drop off points.
"We're seeing airports using parking
operators to manage their TNC pickup
or drop off areas, whether it's curbside

relying on parking operators to bring
that innovation to the airport.
"The airport authority or whomever
is managing the contract probably has
a good sense of what other airports are
doing, but the operators are out there on a
daily basis trying to understand what the
industry trends are and what might make
sense," he said. "They're really there to
be experts and to bring innovation to the
airport as well and as a consultant, we're
trying to manage that relationship and
that transfer of knowledge."
Wicks said when trying to craft an
RFP, they want airports to not just look
at their immediate needs, but to bring on
the right provider who can grow, change
and innovate alongside the airport in the
"I can't stress enough the amount
of activity that's needed to manage
these systems properly has gotten more
complex," he said. "You want to make
sure you're bringing on a provider who
can solve that need in a financially
feasible and responsible sort of way."
Spino said leaders can be very
nervous about change, but, if you find
the need to make a change, there's
probably a good reason for it.
"Change is scary, but embrace
change," Spino said. "With it comes new

Contract to Build a Positive Experience

Hallmark Aviation Services
provides training for staff
as they work to overcome
challenges a traveler might
endure when handling a lost
item at the airport.

at the terminal or in the parking garage
or a remote lot," he said. "Often times
parking operators can provide that
service to an airport as well."
As the parking market gets more
competitive, Wicks said airports are

Adenilto "Jr" Simoes, director of sales
and marketing for Hallmark Aviation
Services, said airports want to transform
the lost-and-found services.
"In the past, at airports, it was an
afterthought," he said. "Now since
airports are now rated through the ASQ
on lost and found, they have shown a
vested interest in really increasing their
customer attraction and their return rates
at different airports."
Hallmark Aviation is the lost-andfound provider at Dallas Fort Worth
International Airport (DFW) since
2018 and at Seattle-Tacoma International
Airport (SEA) since April. The company
also provides database software for lostand-found services to Norman Y. Mineta
San Jose International Airport (SJC).
"Returning a lost item has turned into
a customer experience positive instead of
a negative like in the past," Simoes said.


Julie Collins, director of customer
experience and brand strategy for the
Port of Seattle, said they wanted customer
service to be a very key priority of the
lost and found service.
"One of the advantages we found
with Hallmark is because they do
have operations at Dallas Fort Worth
already, they had people involved in that
operation that were able to come and
help start up our operations here," she
said. "They brought up a crew here that
did training and went though a hiring
process and they also wanted staff to
better understand their company."
Collins said the addition of the
company filled a technology gap in
the department as well. With the rapid
growth of Sea-Tac, they're opening a
larger lost and found facility near the
baggage claim area in the next year.
"There's a lot of technology out in the
lost and found arena that was advanced
beyond the technology we were using,"
she said.
The lost and found department
has met the port's goal of a 60 percent
reunification rate, Collins said and
Hallmark has been an attentive partner.
"They changed the way we were
storing some of the lost and found items,"
she said. "And certainly, the technology
has been a major piece, so it has gone
Simoes said the contracted staff
are trained on customer service and
experience, so the focus remains on the
customer and turning a negative situation
into positive one.
The company provides phone
training with staff on how to interact
with customers on the phone so they can
communicate effectively while avoiding
issues like keeping someone on hold for
an extended period of time..
Social media could be the clue if
you need to look at contracting out this
"The customers have a larger voice in
every business," Simoes said. "The last
thing you want as an airport is to have a
negative interaction broadcast through
every social media network or through
the news. 


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