Airport Business - 22

to greet them have made their arrival
special," Anderson continued.
Sheltair isn't the only company
taking notice of KBJC's prime location.
Described as the "lifeblood of the region,"
KBJC is home to over 40 businesses -
four of them Fortune 500 - and over 400
jobs directly on the airport, with Leprino
Foods, Ball Corporation and Mountain
Aviation as three of KBJC's largest tenants,
said Anslow.
" T he development a nd t he
opportunity are obviously the biggest
driver. We're at 100 percent capacity on
every building we have on the airport.
Not a single hangar is empty. Not a single
office is empty, so we have to develop
and build to meet that demand. I think
that our number one thing is to have
that ability to meet the demand for space
for office, for hangars, and as we move
forward, that's going to be our focus,"
Anslow said.
The success and growth that KBJC
has seen after weathering the 2008
recession has nearly filled the airport's
northside, where the majority of their
tenants are, with Sheltair's soon-to-be
FBO taking up the last remaining acreage.
KBJC is now looking to begin developing
its south side to meet demand.
"Soon, we'll be releasing our first
request for proposal on 30 acres on what
we call the south side development area.
The only tenant we have on the south
side is Pilatus Aircraft and they built a
150,000 square foot completion facility
over there. But that RFP will be for new
development adjacent to Pilatus on the
south side. Once we get that underway,
probably in the next three to five years,
then we're going to open up an additional
50 to 70 acres," described Anslow.
Anslow added that he envisions
there will be a total of four phases of
development on the south side to get all
of the airports 170 acres of land completed.
Though it isn't only the region's and
airport's businesses that KBJC is catering
to with their developments. The airport
experiences a number of people flying in
with leisure on their mind.
"If you fly into here, you're an hour
and a half away from the ski slopes," said
Anslow. "We're busy pretty much yearround. It used to be, in the past, you
would notice a marked increase on like a
Thursday, Friday and then a departure on

Planes of the US Forest Service's Airtanker
base at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport.

The ground
ceremony of
Sheltair's new
FBO at Rocky

a Sunday, Monday, especially during the
winter months. But not anymore because
there's so many activities, hiking, biking
and all these other activities up in the
mountains. You'll see a little bit tick up
in the winter during ski season. You'll
also see some f light increases during
University of Colorado football games.
People will come in and alumni will
come in because it's an easy commute
from here up to Boulder to get to those
The airport's traff ic, Anslow
estimated, is made up of 30 percent
corporate flyers, 40 percent flight schools,
then 30 percent transient with military
making up the remainder. Anslow added
that the addition of a second FBO was
top of flyer's list, and with the addition
of Sheltair, buzz about the airport has
already begun to grow.
"By getting that second FBO, we've
gotten competition and watching them
build has spurred other people to come
out and say, 'Hey, what do you have
available out there?' We've got 170 acres
of aviation land to develop and 450 acres
of commercial and industrial land that we
can develop."
Sheltair's facility at KBJC is expected
to open early 3rd quarter 2020.
"We're going to be an important
portal for business leaders and people
coming into the community who will
often be arriving to create additional


economic development and tourism. In
addition, we will also have a flight school
and sport team charters that will add to
the overall positive economic activity
generated by the airport and our new
facility. In all, we are enormously excited
to play a role in strengthening the future
of Jefferson County," said Anderson.

Making It in Mesa
When giving the general and business
aviation market a broad look, Jason
Fuehne, senior project manager for
consulting firm Burns & McDonnell,


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