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DEF is not an additive, but is
stored in a specialized tank
on the chassis of diesel engine
vehicles and then injected into
the engine exhaust to help
reduce noxious emissions.

that differ from FSII (i.e., 2.5-gallon
containers vs. 55-gallon drums).
* Labels for DEF and FSII storage
containers shall be intact, clearly
legible and leave no question as to
what product is in the container.
* All equipment DEF tanks shall be
labeled "DEF ONLY."
* Refillable FSII tanks on jet fuel
refueling equipment shall be labeled
"FSII ONLY" or" DiEGME ONLY." Aviation Manufacturers Association
Where replaceable 5-gallon FSII tanks - to develop additional resources to
are used, the manufacturer's label shall
mitigate DEF contamination incidents
be intact and clearly legible.
at airports.
If you believe that jet fuel has
* Any equipment (containers, funnels,
etc.) used to transfer DEF or FSII
been contaminated with DEF, the
shall be clearly labeled and "product
FAA recommends that owners and
dedicated," meaning that DEF transfer
operators first contact their aircraft,
equipment shall only be used with
engine and APU OEMs to determine
DEF and FSII transfer equipment shall
the appropriate inspections and
only be used with FSII.
maintenance actions to remove ureabased crystalline deposits from the
Staff Training
fuel system. This action may include
* Initial and recurrent training for
removing and replacing fuel system
all staff shall include the purposes
parts of components affected by
of and differences between FSII
exposure to these deposits. Second,
and DEF (including their different
report to the FA A any service
storage locations and package labeling)
difficulties, fuel system repairs and
and the dangers of aviation fuel
rule system inspection results related
contamination with DEF.
to this work. Third, discard any jet fuel
that has been removed from an affected
* In addition to the above, initial and
recurrent training for individuals
aircraft and ensure it is not used on
Fluid Handling
other aircraft or vehicles. Finally, discuss
handling DEF and or FSII shall
* Only approved and trained personnel
with your local fueling providers what
include DEF f ill points on all
shall handle DEF or fill equipment
protocols are in place to prevent and
equipment requiring DEF, FSII fill
DEF tanks. All transfers of DEF shall
test for jet fuel contamination.
points for jet fuel mobile refuelers
be recorded in a log including date,
Clearly, DEF contamination poses a
and other refueling equipment as
time, transfer to/from and the name
very real and significant threat to aircraft
applicable and the use of clearly
of individual completing the transfer.
safety. Similar to the historical success
labeled, dedicated equipment when
transferring DEF or FSII.
of proper training for other fuel-related
* Only approved and trained personnel
shall handle FSII or fill jet fuel * A l l s t a f f s h a l l fol low t he
procedures that NATA has undertaken,
refueling equipment FSII tanks. All
effective mitigation measures must be
personal protective equipment
transfers of FSII shall be recorded in
recommendations found in the Safety
swiftly enacted. In order to best assure
a log including date, time, transfer
Data Sheets for FSII, DEF and other
that fueling is completed based on the
to/from and the name of individual
fluids and chemicals.
highest level of safety standards, FBOs
completing the transfer.
NATA is also working closely with
and aircraft operators must ensure
government and industry stakeholders
their employees are properly trained
Procurement and
- including the Aircraft Pilots and
and that proper protocols to prevent
Owners Association, National Business
DEF contamination are stringently
* DEF should be purchased in quantities
Aviation Association and General
observed. 



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