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are available in 24-gauge smooth-panel
steel or 28-gauge textured-panel steel.
Midland also can install custom-sized
and insulated fixed or sliding windows."
For installation, Midland delivers the
doorframe and other components to a
customer's site ahead of time, then their
trained crew lifts each door into place
with a telescoping boom forklift, welding
or bolting the doorframe to the building.
The crew then applies insulation and steel
paneling to the interior and exterior of
the doorframe. And after the installation,
Midland remains available for servicing
the door to further ensure longevity and
smooth operation.

For maintenance, it is recommended
that a customer look over the whole door
for any damage. Ensure the hinges, rollers
and structure all appear serviceable and
that the cables or straps track correctly
over the drum before each use. Each
month, a closer visual inspection of the
cables or straps should be done to look
for frays, tears or breaks. Cable tension
should be checked by pulling each away
from the door while it's closed, ensuring
the cables are equally taut. Confirm, too,
that the cables or straps hold the door in a
straight, vertical position when it's closed.
If any adjustments are needed, be sure to
do it while the door remains shut.

"We consistently receive positive
feedback from our customers for the
quality of the workmanship in our
product as well as the professionalism of
our installation crews. We work hard to
ensure the happiness of every customer
by providing a product that is on time
and on budget," said Myrvik. "Our
bi-fold doors have been used in aviation
for over 24 years and we are now seeing
our product used in the architectural
arena. We are providing glass bi-fold
doors on store fronts, restaurants, bars
and residences for clients that require a
designer door look." 


Products related to security and safety

The IglooMX

JB Roche (Mfg.) Ltd.
The IglooMX made by JB
Roche has being serving
militar y aviation needs
globally for over twenty years.
In extreme weather, heat or
cold, control the working
environment any where,
without the need for a hangar.
The IglooMX inf lates in
minutes for a hand in glove fit
whatever the aircraft model.
When you need to just get the
job done wherever you are,
IglooMX has you covered.

Bifold and Hydraulic Doors

Jewers Doors
Esavian TYPE 126
Hangar Door

Schweiss Doors

Schweiss bifold doors are
renowned for their patented
lift straps and autolatch
systems and the hydraulic
doors are known for spherical
bearing systems, triple push
tubes and both styles have a
beefed up wrap-around hinge
design with grease zerks.


Tension Fabric

Jewers Doors

Legacy Building

Combining r ig id-frame
engineering with the proven
benef its of tension fabric
membranes, Legacy Building
Solutions offers superior
quality fabric structures that
are fully customizable.

Jewers Doors is a UK-based
company with unrivalled
expertise in designing and
manufacturing its classleading Esavian doors for
installation in the very largest
hangars around the world.



Aircraft Hangar Doors
Champion Door

Champion Door is the manufacturer of
the most reliable vertical lifting fabric
fold-up doors. Champion Door products
are ideal for large-scale exterior door
locations, such as aircraft hangars, and
they're suitable for all sizes from military
planes to jumbo jets.

Aviation Hangar Doors

Door Engineering and Manufacturing, LLC
Door Engineering offers multiple
categories of aviation hangar door
products, including bottom rolling, tipup and hydraulic hangar door systems.

PrisMAX SL Daylighting
Varco Pruden Buildings

PrisMAX SL provides up to 70 percent
light transmittance with 100 percent light
diffusion allowing balanced lighting with
no hotspots.


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