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Evolve and Resolve
WITH THE economy still growing and
communities needing more access
to more markets, general aviation is
growing in importance for our airports.
Despite the challenges the industry has overall
with aging workforce, aging infrastructure and aging
pilots, general aviation is still a critical piece of our
industry playing an underappreciated role in the
overall system.
In this month's cover story, we look at some
of the success stories on how some airports have
evolved since the Great Recession and are now seeing
unprecedented growth. Places like Rocky Mountain
Metropolitan Airport are booming due to sustained
growth. Now a second FBO is slated to open on the
field, a sorely needed update that will keep things
chugging along.
Meanwhile places like Clarksville Regional
Airport outside of Nashville are seizing the moment
and taking their shot at building themselves up as a
business hub. Thanks to savvy leadership building a
vision to meet the realities of the community around
the airport, the airport has a strong chance at making
this vision come true.

Challenges aren't going to disappear. The
workforce issue isn't going to be solved overnight and
the pilot shortage issue is complex and challenging.
And the idea of privatized air traffic control still
persists, with Texas Senator Ted Cruz now taking
up the mantle.
But general aviation airports and FBOs can take
action now to build their future through vision,
technology and gumption. Outside forces and the
changing market will no doubt reshape how general
aviation operates in this country.
It's exciting and a little
frightening to take on all the
change coming to the industry,
but making a commitment
to evolve now can make sure
your airport thrives in the next
generation of general aviation.
- Joe

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Airport Business

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Industry Update
On the Wild Side
Change for Good
Cover Story: Economy Inflight
Williston Takes Flight
Enhance Airport and Airline Relations
FBOs and OEMs: Strange Bedfellows
Airport Guru
Solid Answers for Successful Airports
Product Focus
Animal Control on the Runway
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