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Midwest Express-Branded Aircraft Unveiled
and Initial Flight Destinations Announced
Midwest Express revealed the Elite Airways aircraft,
complete with exterior Midwest Express branding,
that will service initial f light destinations to
Cincinnati(CVG), Omaha, Nebraska (OMA), and
Grand Rapids, Michigan (GRR). The plane was on
display at a news brief ing at Milwaukee Mitchell
International Airport (MKE) where travelers were
treated to the legendary Midwest Express chocolate
chip cookie that will be baked onboard all Midwest
Express-marketed f lights.
"This is a monumental day in our efforts to return
Midwest Express to the air as Milwaukee's hometown
brand," said Greg Aretakis, president of Midwest
Express. "We received input from many local businesses
regarding their travel needs and this feedback factored
into our choice of initial destinations."
According to Aretakis, Midwest Express is in the
process of establishing its f light booking system
and will be hiring key staff positions. Through the
partnership with Elite Airways, f light operations will
be provided by Elite. In addition, Elite Airways will
support Midwest's efforts to pursue regulatory and
operational requirements necessary for Midwest to
obtain its own airline operating certificate and aircraft.
"Providing non-stop f lights to key business
destinations fills an important niche, and we couldn't
be happier to welcome Midwest Express back home,"
said Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele. "We
are all excited that travelers can now access these
important midwestern markets nonstop from our
hometown airport of MKE."
The Midwest Express-branded aircraft displayed
at the event was a 50-seat Bombardier CRJ 200 jet,
one of a number of jet aircraft models f lown by Elite

Florida Airports Council Names McClellan as
Chair of the Board of Directors
Parker McClellan Jr. A.A.E., executive director of
Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP),
has been elected chairman of the Florida Airports Council
(FAC) effective Oct. 1. McClellan will be transitioning
from his previous position on the executive committee of
the board of directors as vice chairman and will serve as
chairman for a term of one year.


"Parker McClellan has served
on the FAC Board since 2014 and
we are excited that he will take
on the role as our 2020 Chairman
in October," said Lisa Waters,
president and CEO of the council.
"Parker has served the Florida
air port and aviation industr y
his entire career. He provided
leadership in many areas of our
industry over his years of service,
and most recently, has focused the council on the importance
of hurricane preparedness and recovery," said Waters. "I
have no doubt that Mr. McClellan's year as Chairman will
be impactful."
The council is composed of members representing all
20 Florida commercial service airports and 79 of the state's
publicly-owned general aviation airports, one spaceport
(Cecil Airport) and more than 250 corporate, educational,
affiliate, student chapters and student members.
McClellan will work alongside with Nina Macpherson,
who will continue to serve on the executive committee as
immediate past chair.
As chairman, McClellan will be responsible for presiding
over meetings, leading the Board and the Executive
committee in the functions of the organization and continued
improvement of the many aviation facilities in Florida, as
well as professional development of its members.
"It's an honor to serve as chairman of the Board," said
McClellan. "I look forward to further advancing the
professional development of our members, improving our
facilities and the opportunity to make a positive impact on
Florida's aviation industry."
McClellan will continue in his role as executive director
of ECP. Since appointed to this role in 2013, McClellan
has been responsible for the management, operation and
business development of one of the newest airports in the
U.S. In 2018, ECP hit 1 million passengers for the first time
ever in a calendar year. McClellan attributes the growth and
success of ECP to his staff and Regional partners like the
Bay County Economic Development Council and the area's
Tourist Development Councils.

Delta to Become Largest U.S. Carrier Serving
Tokyo-Haneda in 2020
Under a final decision announced by the U.S. Department
of Transporation, Delta will become the largest U.S. carrier
serving Haneda, with seven daily f lights between Haneda
and Seattle, Detroit, Atlanta, Honolulu, Minneapolis, Los
Angeles and Portland, Ore. With this change, Delta will
transfer its full operation of U.S.-Tokyo services from
Narita to Haneda beginning in March.
"We have proudly served Japan for more than 70 years
and our commitment to our Tokyo legacy remains strong,"
said Steve Sear, president - international and executive vice

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