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Brandon Emmons
Brandon Emmons, a sales
representative at DemitriChesapeake
Sales in Gibbsboro, NJ,
goes the extra mile for his team and
his customers. Over the past 12 years,
he has built strong relationships with
customers, distributors and suppliers. His dedication and
work ethic are admired by customers and colleagues,
who describe him as diligent and a capable multitasker.
Emmons has developed into an integral part of the sales
team with his dedication and work toward meeting the
needs of customers and suppliers.
Carly Furman
Carly Furman is the force behind
Nayax's transformation into
a leading provider of cashless
payments in North America. As
chief executive, Furman oversees all
operations in North America. Before
relocating to the company's Hunt Valley, MD, U.S. office
in 2016, Furman worked at Nayax's headquarters in
Herzliya, Israel, where she was the chief financial officer
of all Nayax subsidiaries. She was heavily involved in
taking Nayax public on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
Joshua Giambra
Joshua Giambra, owner of Giambra
Vending in Panama City, FL, started
his business in 2005 at the age of
22 with three Red Bull machines and
five honor boxes. From there, steady
growth brought Giambra Vending to 300
assets on location in 2018. But in October 2018, Category
5 Hurricane Michael landed and took down 100 machines.
Not knowing if there was still a vending company,
Giambra decided to come back better than before. With
that drive, he upgraded 75% of the business with credit
card readers and inventory control.
Joshua Gomes
Joshua Gomes is the director of
R&D for Lavazza North America,
delivering innovations such as the
Flavia Creation 600 and Flavia
Chill, the first all-in-one hot and cold
beverage system, Flavia In-Cup Milk
Frothing and Lavazza Cold Brew. His current focus is
on bringing the authentic Italian coffee experience to
workplaces, caf├ęs and homes. Prior to focusing on the
wide world of coffee in 2015, Gomes spent seven years
cultivating chocolate innovations at Mars Wrigley. He is a
classically trained chef, too.
Congratulations to Cantaloupe's Top 40 Under 40 Honorees!
Elyssa Steiner, Vice President of Marketing
" Elyssa embodies the perfect mix of creativity, responsibility, and humility, while inspiring everyone she works
with to do their best. Throughout her career in Sales and Marketing, she's helped lead the way for the
adoption of disruptive technologies across our industry. In addition to her day job, Elyssa has a strong passion
for our industry, demonstrated with her advocacy and leadership within NAMA, helping improve and move our
industry forward. She is a true leader who makes things happen, and I look forward to seeing her continued
success and the new heights she will reach in her still young career. Congratulations, Elyssa! "
- Anant Agrawal, Chief Revenue Officer, Cantaloupe, Inc.
Maxwell Elliott,
Client Solutions Manager
" Maxwell Elliott is a proven leader and
possesses expert knowledge in all facets of
the vending industry. As a client solutions
manager at Cantaloupe, Max must guide
customers through multiple solutions
involving multiple departments that
determine daily processes. His success
demonstrates knowledge and skill far
beyond his years. We should expect great
things from Max for many years to come.
Congratulations, Max! "
- Terry Hovis,
Vice President Customer Implementation,
Cantaloupe, Inc.
Help the world buy it and go
20 Automatic Merchandiser * September 2021
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Michael Johnson,
Vice President, GM MicroMarkets
(former co-founder, Yoke Payments)
" Michael is a true leader. He approaches life
with gratitude, determination and purpose
and inspires the people around him with his
constant positive outlook. He leads by
example and as someone who has worked
next to him for the past seven years, he has
made me a better businessman, friend and all
around person. I'm so happy for him to be
recognized for his achievements.
Congratulations, Michael! "
- Benjamin Thomas,
Vice President at Cantaloupe
(former co-founder of Yoke Payments)
8/30/21 2:05 PM


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