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Cody Otto
As vice president of Otto Vending
in Quincy, IL, Cody Otto has been
a source of great inspiration with
his dedication and tenacity toward
continuous improvement. He has
been continually involved with NAMA's
Emerging Leaders Network, including growing his
role within the organization and actively recruiting
potential members. Otto is a forward thinker, always
watching for the next leap forward in customer care
and adapting solutions to fit their needs. He plans well
and follows through.
Jordan Plassman
Jordan Plassman has played a
key role in the growth of Maumee
Valley Group in Defiance, OH. With
his help, in 11 years the company
has grown from 45 employees to
more than 150, two fully operational
food commissaries, 42 independent routes and 462
micro markets. Plassman's experience as a route driver
allowed him to identify service inefficiencies and adjust
to improve profitability; that, along with transitioning
to micro markets, improved MVG's monthly route sales
performance from $40,000 to $80,000.
C.J. Recher
C.J. Recher is vice president of
marketing for Five Star Food
Service, a full-line unattended
retail and foodservice operator
based in Chattanooga, TN. Recher
leads a team of seven marketers that
build Five Star's brand and support revenue growth
programs through new business, same-store sales,
and customer retention. Recher is also cofounder and
business manager for Feeding the Future Inc., Five Star's
nonprofit foundation aimed at ending childhood hunger
through fundraising and local food bank partnerships.
Luke Saunders
Creator of Farmer's Fridge, Luke
Saunders developed a smart
vending machine that dispenses
salads, grain bowls and healthy
snacks in recyclable plastic jars. Since
the company's launch in 2013, Farmer's
Fridge, and Saunders, have received numerous accolades.
While the company was named one of Time magazine's
Best Inventions, Saunders was honored as a Forbes
30 Under 30, a Crain's 40 Under 40 and one of Fast
Company's 100 Most Creative People in Business. Giving
back to communities is his passion.
To Jarrad Duxbury
& Tahoe Vending
For Being Awarded
40 Under Forty!
" I'd just like to say
thank you for the
award. The truth is it's
the Tahoe Vending
team that deserves
the recognition. I'm
honored to work with
such a dedicated group
of men and women. "
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