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OCS Operator
Focus on your 'long game'
at the end of the pandemic tunnel, the Delta variant has delivered a
gut punch. Once again, reopening dates are off; Sep. 1 turned out to
be a false promise. Besides survival, what should operators be focusBob
ing on? My suggestion: play the " long game. "
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Vicki | Vending's AI architecture
The founder and chief
executive of ViaTouch
Media, maker of the AIpowered
Vicki vending
machine, says the
mainstream vending
market is ready for
change. Tom Murn shares his thoughts
on the worldwide disruption of retail,
and how operators can leverage Vicki's
computer vision capabilities.
Tom Murn
Special Report
Micro Market
Turning tradition upside down
Fourteen years ago, the first-generation
iPhone was released. Since then,
technology has changed and enhanced
almost every industry. Vending is no
exception, and companies like 365 Retail
Markets enable operators to thrive.
4 Automatic Merchandiser * September 2021
What's new | 10 innovations
Cantaloupe Inc. held its
first-ever Innovation
Summit prior to the
The NAMA Show in
New Orleans, where
the fintech company
highlighted a robust
product strategy for unattended retail.
Cantaloupe chief Sean Feeney led
a presentation that explored trends
accelerating demand for frictionless
purchasing and machine management.
Sean Feeney
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